Arch in Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture makes students inculcate deep sense in spatial design, aesthetics & safety management which is the need of today’s world. The course curriculum is designed with inputs from corporate professionals where a student is able to plan & design buildings & structures. The department would ensure that B. Arch student should be an integration of artist, professional & businessman.

The advantages of Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture are as following:

  • Students get the benefit of 12 Years of academic excellence.
  • College has high end building material lab so that different kind of buildings including houses, landscapes & office buildings can be designed.
  • Students would learn through latest Architecture & Designing software like Geo Media, Geo Media Professional, Ravid, Google Earth up, Land Development Desktop, MAP 3D, Auto Cad & give shape to their imagination.
  • Our students would be involved in onsite practical training & can bring to like thoughts in our state-of-the-art Drawing Studio.
  • After completing of the course our graduates ready for the corporate or Government Sector or the can work as independent professionals. The pay packages for the B. Arch graduates are increasing due to increase in demand in designing & construction.