Bachelor of  Computer Application/ Bachelor of  Science(I.T)


BCA /B. Sc (I.T) are new age degree courses in the field of computer applications. The duration of the course is normally three years.

This degree helps the students to get a sound knowledge of computer applications with the help of which they can have perfect launch pad for challenging career in the field of information technology.

In BCA, subjects related to basics of technological applications such as mathematics, database management systems business data processing, system analysis, statistics and optimization techniques etc are taught at an elementary level.


Dedicated sessions an all fundamentals of hardware , software and problem solving with C language,   computer fundamentals and IT, mathematical foundation of Computer Science and Digital Electronics are covered in this course.

Career Prospects

Job prospects would be available in various areas like programming, networking, system administration etc with giants like WIPRO and TCS. Private public and government organizations do need candidates with this profile.

Web Technology Practical File Sample :-