Date Announcement/Events
21-04-2017 Workshop  on ”Towel art and Bed Making”
19-04-2017 Guest Lecture on ”Stop fooling yourself”
15-04-2017 “Yuwa samwad” of HNN Channel
12-04-2017 Workshop on “Fruit and vegetable carving”
07-04-2017 Qiuz “the Trivia”
1/4/2017 Gust Lecture on “Digital Marketing”
31-03-2017 Symposium “Startups and its impact on Indian economy”
25-03-2017 Technical workshop by google
17-03-2017 Free Eye Test  Camp
9-03-2017 Inauguration of Darpan Magazine
28-02-2017 Role Play “Decoding of Union Budget”
27-02-2017 Workshop on “Placement Skills”
25-02-2017 Workshop on “valuation”
23-02-2017 Gust Lecture on “Wealth management”
18-02-2017 Industrial visit on “ONGC”
17-02-2017 Industrial visit on “Parle”
13-02-2017 Workshop on “Dining ettiqutes”
11/2/2017 Guest Lecture on “GST BILL”
9/2/2017 Guest Lecture on ” Student Development Program”
18-01-2017 Guest Lecture on “Faculty Development program”