Habits that make you smarter

Having information about something is what makes you knowledgeable, being able to recall that information is what makes you intelligent, but the ability to recall and apply that knowledge when and where it is least expected but most needed is what makes you smart. Smart people have the ability to perceive the world in a slightly different way than most of the population, and this is what helps them to excel in their field.

Getting smarter is not a one day process; it takes regular and a generous amount of input from your side as well. These are common things that you might have done in the past (or still do) and not know that these enhance your overall personality. Here are some tips that help you get smarter every day:

  • Ask Questions


 The worst enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. In this era of “information” it is very easy to be misguided.  Don’t believe everything you hear, ask questions about it, research about the topic, get all the facts available and after that apply some logic to it only then adapt that particular information.

  • Read


This may sound boring or old school, but reading was and still is the best way to get new information and ideas. Read as much as you can, you would be surprised to know that getting new ideas is possible by reading a book even for the second time as there might be information that you missed or didn’t understand the first time you read it.

  • Share what you know


 Sharing the information/knowledge you already have invites other people to give their inputs which might be useful and secondly it gives you a chance to revise the information, there might be ideas in your head that made sense the first time but while sharing that idea for the second or third time you realize that there are flaws in it and you get the chance to improve upon them.

  • Do Things Differently


 There are hundred ways to do a thing but we, humans, have the tendency to adapt to a single way and use it for long periods of time. Avoiding this habit of ours and doing the same thing differently every time you do it keeps your brain exercising and you might end up discovering 101st way to do it in the most efficient manner.

  • Physical Exercises


 Regular exercises or physical work enhances your cognitive ability and helps in improving your brain-body compatibility. People who work out regularly are found to have less stress levels and are able to find solutions to complex problems easily and without panicking.

  • Avoid Habituation


 We as humans have a tendency to change our daily routine into habits so that our brain can focus on other things, like for example, while learning to drive a car you focus on everything you do but after a while driving comes to you naturally so now you don’t focus on everything you are doing, except for the road, and now you can sing, talk an occasionally dance while you drive. Though it is a good thing but it has its side effects too, you start taking the world as it is and start ignoring minor problems like earlier (sometimes, still) you had to close the door yourself after you open it (yeah its true, pfft.) and everyone’s attitude towards this was “This is the way it is”, until someone came up with an idea of making a door closer using a metal rod and a spring. Looking at the world without accepting the little problems help you come up with idea which no one thinks of, as they don’t address it as a problem itself.

  • Come up with New Ideas Everyday and One Up them


 Try to come up with new creative ideas every day, even if sometimes they don’t make sense or seem to be pointless, they help you exercise your brain. Also try to one up your ideas i.e. try to make improvements to the ideas you already have so that there are less or no loop holes left out.

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  1. May 8, 2017

    Gaurav mishra Reply

    Great article, thanks for sharing 🙂

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