Hostel Life

A student undergoes a paradigm shift in lifestyle when he or she joins the college for the first time. Needless to say the expectations of the child as well as that of the parents talk to the highest of the skyscrapers. The reason is obvious as their ward is getting ready to spend the most crucial years of their life in vicinity of the top college of the city which guarantees best placements.

Now preparing to make the best of the opportunity becomes the ultimate objective. Preparing to churn out the most of the amenities, classes, libraries etc. without considering the importance of hostel life isn’t a very a good idea. Your books and classroom teachings will surely come in handy during the placement drives but the walks down the hostel corridor will take you to places as well.

Balancing academics, career goals, freedom and social life living in a hostel, away from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Any student proficient in carrying all the errands optimally gets ready to be launched in the real world right after the college.

Let’s see how your hostel life during the college period helps you to become what is required of you in the longer run.

1 Learning to set priorities

Moving in to a hostel away from the family is a huge step as you move in with loads of expectations and aspirations. Also your recent acquaintance with freedom and opportunities make you land up in a hall of confusion as to what to do and what and what not to. Hence your hostel life teaches you to set priorities and place your endeavours in the order of your priorities and turn your dreams into reality.

2 Adapting on a different level

A student experiences a holistic change in lifestyle after moving away from the family. Living off the comfort zone in a different environment altogether requires adapting to the change. Such requirement enhances the student’s ability to adapt to circumstances when he or she enters the volatile world.

3 Living away from the family

Moving away to live away from the family teaches you multiple lessons for life. A sudden shift in the social circle exclusive of parental security isn’t an easy task. The student learns to take care of oneself along with his peers. The student learns to survive and be compassionate to live a graceful life ahead of college.

4 Settling in hostile situations (sometimes)

Life in a hostel is not always dreamy as it looks like. Certain problems in every hostel no matter how good the college is. Misunderstandings among the students, unexpected glitches and the list is endless. Facing such issues and finding a solution is your preparation to do the same when you’ll face real life problems in the real world out there.


Having a variety of alternatives in respect to requirements and lucrativeopportunities puts you in a situation of confusion having limited finances. Such tricky state teaches you to live the best off your pocket. Such small restraints help you to work in an efficient manner in your professional as well as your personal life.

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