Importance of college fests in college

The objective of education in the society is simple yet complex to explain. Still if we consider the current scenario which is quite competitive, the objective becomes clear. The system has been designed in such a manner that it not only not only makes the student thorough with a particular line of knowledge but also introduces him or her with the other aspects of professional and social life as well.

The objective is to transform a student into an individual capable of adding value to not only just an organisation but to the society as a whole. In order to do justice to the goals of the education system the colleges not only focus on the academics but on certain activities vital for the growth of the student as a personality, Such events help a student to grow socially, culturally and professionally.

Most of the top MBA colleges in Dehradun and Engineering colleges too organise such events on a regular basis due to the given reasons:

Promotion of art

Organisation of cultural activities and events in college is of great importance as it helps in the promotion of art forms among the youth. Art forms like dance, music, theatre and others are a great form of expression necessary for the growth of the society.

Cultural awareness

The prime motive of cultural events in any institution is to make the future nation builders aware of the diverse culture of the nation and its need to promote it. As an educational institution it is the responsibility of the administration to inculcate in the students the love for diversity in terms of culture in order to preserve it in the future.

Organisational skills

Another major aspect of organising cultural events in the campus is that they are organised and managed by the student body itself. Hence the students get a chance to take initiative and work out the needful as per their aptitude. Also they learn the importance of team work and understand the basics of management. These qualities come in handy during the process of recruitment.

Presentation skills

The concept of organising an event for a gathering is based on the idea of presentation itself. The entire organising committee comprising students are required to conceptualise and present the event in a creative and engaging manner. These requirements push the students to leave their comfort zone and learn things about presentation.

Team Work

Organising an event in college is not a walk in the park. It involves the contribution of an entire team which puts together hours of hard work that you watch on stage. Coordinating with the administration to getting in sponsors requires the team to work in a pragmatic way. These qualities in the long run help the students to lead their at the professional front.

Organisation of fests and events in college or any educational institution for that matters can have a huge positive impact in the life of a student and his perspective towards the society. Keeping the same in mind most of the engineering and MBA colleges in Dehradun organise such activities on a regular basis.

One thought on “Importance of college fests in college

  1. May 17, 2018

    arvind Reply

    its is true, that these platforms are equally important during the college or in the professional scenario.
    Must remember that we required Festivals at every stage of life. These all moments or the activities done/performed under this umbrella should considered as ice-breaking also for the masses.

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