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Career Prospects (Master of Business Administration)

MBAs are the first in and among the first out, thereby reaping the benefits of a rising industry and the smartness of existing to a different industry when the fall happened. This is due the multi-dimensional , multi-tasking quality and MBA possesses. For example: An MBA with finance specialization does not necessarily fare poorly when the industry hits the doldrums. He gets on to marketing of financial services (say , marketing of mutual funds or insurance products), thereby reducing career risk. Today , a Management Degree has become an attractive proposition, as there are attractive entry level salaries(including salaries offered by some MNC’s). A Management Graduates gets absorbed into a Company through the Campus Placement Program of the Institute. The MBA Program offers a lucrative career option to both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates.

Engrossed with impinging commitment level of quality and purposeful education to its management students , Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions offers MBA program to the aspirants who wish to shape their valuable career in management fraternity . As a post graduate course in management stream MBA provides ample of fantastic opportunities to the students during and/or after its successful completion . For the sake of choosing specializations , MBA provides three important electives to choose upon :

  • Finance
  • Human Relations (HR)
  • Marketing


  • MBA (Marketing) : Marketing is that evergreen specialization which is perpetually growing and magnifying. MBA in marketing as specialization offers the students to make their career in the most dynamic cynosure. Since marketing encapsulates a comprehensive and continuous involvement and interaction with the different components of the market , the students opting for marketing in their specialization at DBGI are exclusively trained and groomed to outcast an extrovert personality. Marketing is one of the popular streams in MBA. Since marketing is something that generates business and revenue for the company, MBA Marketing graduates with good marketing skills are always in high demand. There are various career options for MBA Marketing graduates with good interpersonal communication, analytical knowledge, influencing and negotiation skills etc. All such traits are developed within the temperament of the students by perfect training modules designed in the extra modular activity of management . There is a good scope in every perspective in every field for MBA Marketing Graduates. Whether it be private or public sector company, academics or any field, MBA marketing graduates are in much demand. These professionals can apply for a job in any vertical like
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Telecommunications
  • IT industry
  • PSU’s
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG

MBA (Human Resource) :

Human Resource is the next available specializations in MBA . The students who wish to opt for HR as in specialization , avail excellent training and practical orientation during the entire course . Human Resource is one of the challenging career options of contemporary corporate culture , as the HR Manager has to play his role prudently and psychologically , proving his emphatic presence in the organization. Human Resource is a stream which takes proper care of recruiting, training, orienting and appraising employees of an organization. An HR manager deals with organizational structure, morals, motivations and overall employee engagement. An HR manager is responsible for conducting interviews, selecting candidates, helping managers to train them, scheduling meetings, preparing salaries and incentives etc. An HR manager has to handle all aspects pertaining to human resources in the company. These include recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities. The manager is also responsible for mobilizing the workforce towards the company’s accomplishment plans and objectives, by creating a work environment in which people will be motivated, contributing, and happy. His/her role varies as per the organization. At DBGI , precise and concrete academic methodologies are adopted to give a remarkable shape and definition to the career of HR students. Proper training including mock sessions are been imparted to the students so that they could be well versed with HR operations prior to actual work culture. Human Resource is known to be the heart of an organization. The HR manager plays a key role in any well established organization. This field is in the developing stage and is still facing challenges for its recognition in contribution to the business. This profession like other professions, need to be managed by professionals who play a crucial role in the growth of the organization and individuals. In the days of financial crisis and tight job market, HR profession is considered an important field. It takes responsibility to provide the human resources and becomes the strategic business partner in accomplishing the corporate goals. In the era of information technology, public sector and private sector companies have been focusing on this discipline and paying more to meet the challenges of an open market. At the strategic level the main function of HR is to develop the balancing act in the growth of the business of the company and its human capital. The HR function works like a catalyst in the organization. HR professionals act in the organization as a middleware between the management and the employees. The objective of HR professionals is to develop a positive and healthy working environment to increase the productivity and job satisfaction among the employees. The students at DBGI are perfectly groomed in every dimensions and dynamics so that every professional input is embedded perfectly in their outlook. Students could make their promising career in HR , opting some very reputed positions such as :

  • HR Executive
  • Personnel Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Public Relations (PR) Manager
  • HR Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • IT Recruiter

MBA (Finance) :

MBA in finance as one of the major specializations is encapsulated with the rich exposure of various financial activities that are run practically within or outside the organizations . Students are made theoretically and practically sound in their financial outlook. Since finance is the backbone of any organization and works as a fine lubricant in its executional process , perfect and precise knowledge of finance becomes mandatory for any management person . At DBGI , we mould the business acumen of our students to the paramount level so that our students could work efficiently in any financial arena . The financial system of any organization plays an important role in its growth and development. The evolution of financial market economies has been dramatically broadening the opportunities not only for customers and investor but also for the firms , policy makers and economy of a country . Today financial services are becoming more accessible , financial market offers myriad of products with intricate features and services , leaving many people ill equipped to cope up with the sophisticated financial needs . The economies around the world have increasingly considered financial literacy as a key pillar for the development of their financial system . Hence the financial education has grown a lot from its pre liberalization beginning to the present day conditions of post liberalization corporate era . Financial Literacy is not just about the money . It is all about understanding the power of money ,the impact of our financial choices , and how we can use our financial resources to accomplish our goals for our lives . Studying finance at DBGI is highly interesting and productive when it comes to seek education from the panel of highly qualified and expert faculties having rich experience in academics and corporate. In this course, the students are offered the knowledge and skills of analytical thinking, continuous process, concept of managerial decision, maintaining balance between risk & profitability, coordination process and centralized nature. The course is included with the corporate finance, budgeting, costing, international finance, investment & securities and working capital management. These subjects prepare the students to work with any financial organization. MBA in finance can work in banking and non-banking sectors. The professionals can work anywhere in the corporate world. Every industry has a need for financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. The students, who have done the MBA in finance, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector. He/she can be a part of the stock market, top-notch organization, or any other related organizations , thereby drawing lucrative and excellent salary package . The students can pick any of the following key job role among the variety of choices in their career :

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Derivatives Structuring
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Private Equity
  • Treasury
  • Banking

The institute provides fantastic exposure to the students of finance , brilliantly shaping their career .


Mr.Abhishek Sarkar


PG in Management. Economics( HONS).

    Dean : Mr. Abhishek Sarkar is Assistant Professor in the Department of Master of Business Administration at the Dev Bhoomi institute of Technology, Dehradun. He has been published/ reviewed national/international research papers.

Dr.S.S Rawat

Dr.S.S Rawat