PDP (Personality Development Program)

DBIMS strongly believes in the projection that “Representing the knowledge is equally important as possessing the knowledge” . Following the same , the personality of students is groomed aesthetically so that in addition to their competency in academics they become professionally sound as well . Personality Development Program is encapsulated in their routine curriculum that nurture our students in the arena of corporate culture . PDP modules are well segregated , each module having comprehensive learning . PDP structures the outlook of the students helping them to communicate impressively , present immaculately and deliver their views effectively , thereby enhancing the presentation proficiency of students . The objective of PDP sessions in management is to beautify the presentation and communicative skills of the students so that they are able :

To express better and thereby to impress better.

To sell the ideas, products and services in an appealing manner.

To diversify the captivity of knowledge by expressing it emphatically.

The dedicated team of PDP takes the initiative of enhancing and grooming the personality of management students so that after completing their academics when they step into corporate world , they could carry themselves dynamically establishing a remarkable impact within the organization . PDP encounters various interactive sessions with the students that help them in scintillating their presentation skills . By the perfect guidance of PDP trainers the students upgrade their communicative traits to a substantial level and transform themselves into a complete package of corporate want.

Spanish Classes

In the realms of globalized wayfarer , Spanish language has become one of the highly acceptable language world wide . Management aspirants have to move all around the world , working with leading organizations , possessing vivid key note profiles , where they have to be in close coordination with the professionals uttering various languages . Keeping this impinging element in prime consideration , management students are also given the knowledge of Spanish language . They are made equally linguist in parlance of Spanish communication . Learning Spanish is truly a fun as it provides a novel experience to the students . Experienced Spanish trainers train our students in purview of globalized professional culture . The objective of imparting Spanish learning is :

  • To equip the students with knowledge of Spanish language that has turned to be a global business language today.
  • To bestow the students with the proper usage of Spanish language to participate in Hispanic communities around the world globally .
  • Lectures delivered by thorough experts in Spanish language ensures full satisfaction among students while learning Spanish.