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B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication (Jadavpur University) and M.Tech. in Communication and Radar Engineering (IIT Delhi).

Former Director DEAL, DRDO, Emeritus Scientist, DRDO

Joined in 1970, he has 37 years experience in R&D, Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL),a premier laboratory of DRDO. Engaged in the development of technologies and systems in the field of Data Links, Software Radios, Microwaves, Satellite Communications and Surveillance, S-Band, Tropo Scatter Stratospheric Communication system, Jam Resistant Data-link for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. He has visited several countries like USA, France, Russia, Belgium for attending technical conferences and has been a member of several design review teams. Awarded “Scientist of the Year” award in 1998 and “Performance Excellence” award in 2006 by the then Prime minister of India..

Prof. Asok Sen