Why are Soft Skills the Hardest to Learn?

With the increasing level of competition across industries, the need for quality employees is on the surge and has become the need of the hour. Organizations have become distinctly particular about their hiring measures and hence placing the best of the parameters to find the best man for the job.

The changes in the hiring strategy is the result of changes in the requirement of the organizations. The question arises what does it take to prove oneself the pony I the herd. Is it just the technical knowhow or the IQ to prove the caliber?

The current scenario calls not just for excellent level of technical expertise but soft skills too. No matter which field you choose to pursue, the management is keen to hire those with an impactful personality who hold the caliber to represent the organization to the world.

Although the importance of soft skills for career growth is undervalued, top colleges and institutions do provide training programs to develop such skills but unfortunately there isn’t a particular curriculum for the same.

Leave alone the placement process, top ranking engineering and MBA colleges select students on the basis of their soft skills.

The root of the problem lies in the expectation of the organizations for the candidate to be already being proficient with such skills. What they fail to understand is it requires years of practice and mentoring to develop such skills.

Let us learn why developing soft skills the hardest thing to do:-

No specific curriculum:

In all the years that you have spent in the school, how many times have you come across topics like, how to talk to people for the first time or what is the proper way to shake hands with somebody or how can you portray yourself as an impactful personality? The answer is, not so much, and this is where the problem lies. Important softskills topics were never included in our curriculum and hence it is quite difficult for us to learn this easy but vast topic quickly.

Importance given to hard skills over soft skills:

As mentioned in previous point, soft skills were never added in our curriculum, and adding to that fact, the curriculum we had was always focused on improving upon our hard skills, so basically the person coming out of the college is a person well equipped with knowledge but not so good at expressing/explaining it, hence bringing down a potential leader to just being a worker.

Selections based on soft skills test with no formal training:

The problem with not having a formal training of soft skills is that when the question of job recruitment arises, you are judged on the basis of your soft skills, so what you should have been learning since your childhood is to be learnt in a week or (if you’re lucky)in a month. This makes the task much more difficult and scares the students.

Students unaware of the importance of softskills:

On the other side of the spectrum, the students as well are not aware of the importance of the subject, as the topic of how to talk with people professionally seems to be very easy at the beginning, and also seems to be less important as it was never given importance earlier.

Sudden requirement of soft skills for progress:

As you enter the professional arena of your life you soon realize that for you professional growth these skills play a major role and all of a sudden learning these seems to add on to your workload and you start feeling as if you’ll be stuck in this situation all your life. An upcoming job interview, an interview with your boss for a promotion or a business meeting with a client, all these things require a good command over your communication skills, body language and portrayal of confidence (basically soft skills).

Unavailability of conducive environment:

The task of learning soft skills becomes more difficult when we don’t get an environment to implement the knowledge we have gained i.e. less chance to practice.

Need long practice:

Let get this fact straight, to develop your soft skills all you require is a little bit of guidance and a lot of efforts from your end, it is a very easy thing to do but it becomes extremely difficult if you have to do it in a short amount of time. The sooner you start practicing, the longer practice you get and hence the subject becomes easier.

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