What it takes to get placed in college

There is no denying the fact that most of the students before choosing their prospective colleges consider placement opportunities and packages offered as the top parameter to make their choice of college they wish to be in. The fault isn’t theirs but of the environment that has made us to believe in the quality of an educational organization depends on the kind of placements they provide. We tend to incline towards the alternative that promising better monetary benefits. Little do we make note of the important points that are requires to justify our quest for the “highest package” of a particular college.

Placement drives in a college or an institute is an opportunity for all. Proving your mettle and grabbing that lucrative offer requires you to prepare yourself to showcase the best of who you are or can be. So the next time before searching for the “top placement colleges” or the highest package look for what it takes to grab them.

Excellent communication skills

No one can prove your potential better than you. In order to do so your skills to convey the same shall come in handy. Excellent communication skills help you to convince the recruiter of your prowess and how exactly you are going to add value to their organization.

Self Starter

Every recruiter looks for a self motivated employee who knows when to take charge of his as well as the team’s work and actions. A student is a potential employee in the eyes of the company who is well aware of his or her responsibilities and goals and how to achieve the same without being pushed.

Team building/ Leadership

Top placement colleges providing high packages are also expected to produce leaders capable of taking charge and guiding a team from the front. Such qualities give you the upper edge as compared to your peers and will help you to bag that dream job you aspire for.

Team player

One cannot be a leader if he or she isn’t capable of operating efficiently in a team. The recruiters look for candidates who have the ability to cooperate and coordinate different capabilities of the team members for a common objective. This particular attribute will certainly help you to gain additional marks.

Out of the box approach

Winners don’t do different things but the same things differently and believe me the gentleman across the table is looking for such winners. Candidates with a different mental setup and the ability to tackle problems differently are the favorites. The ability to trouble shoot or making the best of an opportunity is a bonus in your persona the recruiter is looking for.

Body language

When it comes to adding one to a team the recruiter analyses every potential candidate with an eye for detail. He or she then gathers maximum information about you to come down to a decision weather you are the best man for the job or not. To make such decisions they take into considerations not just your verbal communication but the non verbal too. Your body language conveys a lot about your personality . So start working on the same before it is too late.

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