Your guide to beat stress and make the most of the last moment before the examinations

One year, all seems well. Six months- nothing to worry about, Three months-still recoverable, few days left and life takes a tragic turn, hitting unexpected turbulence. All this will seem pretty familiar to those students who are in a spot of bother due to their lack of preparation for the over hyped board examinations.

Living under an imaginary load of expectations crushing down your shoulders is obviously not an easy task. This happens when every motivational speech from relatives start sounding like sympathetic melody.

Lack of preparation is a major reason for stress among students which obviously can be well dealt with. Surprisingly stress symptoms can also be seen among students who have prepared well and practically to take any examination. Unfortunately a lot of students remain unaware of their strong suit which in the long run hampers their performance on the day of the examination.

May it be the lack of preparation or any other affair not dealing with the stress can prove to be detrimental. These few tips will help you to beat stress and sail the high tides with ease during this crucial period:-

1 Know your syllabus well


One of the major reasons why stress takes a toll on you is because of the lack of clarity about the syllabus. A lot of students end up studying the redundant part of the subject due to unawareness about the scope of syllabus. Preparing more than required or concentrating on lesser important part causes confusion leading to unexpected results.

2 Study in an environment similar to your exam hall


A sudden change in your study environment can degrade your performance which obviously is the reason behind the concept of net practice in cricket. So if you are accustomed studying rolled up in a blanket it’s high time you start using a table unless your exam center will provide blankets too.

3 Taking notes


Those notebooks available in the stationery can be used for better things than scribbling your fantasies (which obviously isn’t a bad thing to do, but at this point of time can prove to be detrimental). An organized set of notes can help you to recall your lectures in an efficient and pragmatic manner and pacify the situation.

4 Time management


Managing the clock is the key to success in all the spheres of life.  Taking and preparing for an examination successfully within a stipulated period is an epitome of time management. The one who juggles well with his preparation requirements, personal chores and social obligations is the one who flies with winning colors in all the aspects of life.

5 Know when and how you are most productive


A student or anyone with a task at hand is blessed is if he or she posses the knowledge about oneself in terms of productivity. You need to have an understanding about your productivity as to when it is the maximum and how can it be optimized. Some believe in burning the midnight oil while others prefer rising with the sun. Some prefer soft music while attaining knowledge while others tend to get distracted at the slightest of the sound.

6 Take frequent breaks


This might be the most practically applicable solution to manage stress for most of the students but on a serious note, taking planned short breaks between your study hours will help you to get rejuvenated for further endeavors and will also help you to retain what you need to for the examinations.

7 Stay hydrated


Although it sounds irrelevant but staying hydrated is very much important for getting rid of stress and optimizing your performance and productivity during your preparation during the last phase. Consuming adequate amount of water and eating fruits will keep you hydrated enhancing your performance.

8 Set small targets


It’s tough to scale a mountain in one go but easy to take one small step towards it. Every step brings you closer to your goal as long as the action is taken on a continual basis. Set up yourself with smaller targets that are easy to achieve and gradually you will near your destination tasting victory every hour.

9 Get enough sleep


Now this one is a winner for all the bed lovers, but when I say enough sleep, the implication is obviously not to marry your bed but to get appropriate hours of sleep. Adequate hours of sleep prepare for more challenges and cleanse your being of all the negative elements like anxiety and lassitude.

So all those brave hearts toiling night and day to make a mark not in the universe but at least in the perception of your relatives and exited neighbors if life hasn’t treated you well till now, go ahead and follow these tips to crack the most esteemed and sought after examination of this century in India with utmost confidence.

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