6 things about Dehradun that make it a haven for students coming from across the world

Imagine taking a stroll in the solace of a valley, with the orange rays of the sun spread all across the sky and a hint of cold breeze kissing your face. Imagine beautiful green spread all across you, and being smiled by strangers in the streets with happy eyes. Imagine the intoxicating aroma of an old world, with the charms of the new. Hot plates of dim sum, the delicious taste of Katlama introduced by traders of Punjab and Baluchistan, bun-Tikki, fresh fruits of the hill, meandering conversations over a warm cup of tea at Nanny’s or Kalsang Ama making your Sundays picture perfect. Imagine serenity in every single way and you would know- you are at Dehradun, the interim capital of Uttarakhand.

Spread across 300 sq. km. (and growing), there’s a thrill in every turn and bend of the valley. The more is said about Dehradun, the less it is! Be it major tourist destinations of India or being home to some of the most famous schools of the country, Dehradun is an absolute wow to the soul and here’s why it is the city to be in:

  1. City of modern technologies and innovation

Being hub to popular schools and colleges of India, Dehradun has the added advantage of housing renowned academicians and industry practitioners within the city. Therefore cutting-edge innovative research projects are norms of the day here. Be it work around robotics or AI or involvement of industry to train professionals through strategic Development programs, the city has been the facilitator of varied academic conferences, workshops, symposiums and events across the last two decades.


  1. Renowned schools and colleges abound

Popularly known as the education hub of India, Dehradun provides premium education facilities to the students in the city. Every year, thousands of students arrive from across the world to pursue their education in Dehradun and with a significant number of the student population, the city has been instrumental behind building more than 300 high schools and 200 colleges within it.  Doon International School, Welham Girls School, The Asian School, Beverly Hills are among the few top-notch higher-secondary institutions of the city. And among colleges, institutes like Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Doon University, DIT, etc  have been working relentlessly to produce graduates who can make their mark in the world.

  1. SME industry is booming in the city

With the government’s relentless endeavor to push small and medium-size industries further ahead, Dehradun has seen a meteoric rise in the SME sector and start-up culture within the city. Being in the list of Smart Cities, there are varied IT organizations, e-commerce initiatives, retail and manufacturing companies that are constantly seeking out for graduates who can work with them.

  1. An extremely safe space

Dehradun is not just aesthetically beautiful but is also considered to be one of the safest cities in India. In fact, a recent survey by KPMG has proved that Indore is India’s best city to live in, whereas Dehradun is the safest. With lesser crime rates and poverty, it is a haven for students and families to live within a safe and peaceful ecosystem.

  1. A diverse peer group

One amazing advantage of studying in a city like Dehradun is the diversity it has to offer to its students. People come from across all states of India, and to top it, there is a very strong international student community that adds to the intellectual experience of students. The ecosystem of shared culture makes the city a perfect fit for cognitive and emotional growth. An institute like Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun houses students from across 20 states, speaking 50+ languages, representing multiple cultures, religions, and each pursuing varied interest areas within one singular community itself. Such is the experience of being within a diverse environment!

  1. Thrills and adventure sports

Among Dehradun’s famous places are multiple adventure sports facilities including- paragliding, sky jumping, river rafting, trekking, to name a few. The valley has some of the most exotic scenic landscapes alongside popular waterfalls, temples, and monasteries to keep your weekends high on adrenaline.