Rakesh MEET Dean MBA
19 Feb 2019

A Professor’s Perspective: ‘It’s Not About What You’re Learning, But How You’re Learning It’

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun, prides itself in having some of the most experienced faculty members that stem from employment at Multi-National Companies across sectors. With years of experiences and connections, the faculty members primarily offer real-world experiences to enhance classroom learning and make education even more valuable.
Prof Rajesh Kumar Meet is an academician and a consultant on the topics of Management, Marketing, Business Communication, and Digital Marketing. His teachings emphasize the need to comprehend the changing dynamics of conventional Marketing and acceptance of “digital natives” that make up the culture in today’s marketplace. He converses about the effect that the technology and generational differences have in the approach of teaching Marketing, and practically “Marketing” products and services.
At DBGI, teaching is considered at the core of a system aimed at creating knowledge with a due collaboration of cutting-edge researches, teaching, and strong relationships with industry experts. Prof. Rajesh has been a faculty member and academician in several Education programs where his sessions focused on General Management, Modern Day Marketing, Conventional Marketing Practices, and Communications. Prior to becoming a full-time academician at DGBI, Prof. Rajesh worked across sectors and organizations for over 2 decades, and a final stint with Vodafone.
Over the years, DBGI has witnessed a rapid demographic shift in terms of the number of students from different cities, countries, culturally different backgrounds, and linguistically diverse. Being a diversity-enhanced Institute, the global community, shows up in the classrooms year by year, inviting, and requiring DBGI to grow and expand its reach.
As educators in the swiftly transitioning environment, the notion that transitioning from conventional methodologies to modern-day tech-driven approach is both easy and quick, has been swayed seamlessly by DBGI. Rapidly changing markets have demanded not just DBGI, but several other Institutes to engage in a vigorous and systematic process of student development by preparing them to function effectively in a highly competitive environment. The transformation work has preceded the following phases: personality grooming, business communication, resume building, and basic technical know-how.
Taking the students past learning the theories of management and business, DBGI’s curriculum follows a student-centric philosophy which helps create the best-prepared Management students.