DBGI alumni

An organization’s alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.

Alumni Cell of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), established in 2010, is a way to welcome back the esteemed alumni to its alma mater. It is a platform that strives to bridge the gap between the alumni and the institution. It helps alumnus connect and utilize the resources offered by the university and in turn, contribute to excel further with others.

The DBGI’s strong existing alumni network is a testimony for its achievements as the institute takes great pride in enjoying the inheritance which the 12000+ successful and talented alumni all across the globe have knitted for them as well as for their alma mater.

Alumni Cell is indeed a lucrative opportunity for the institute as it posses many unrevealed avenues for everyone, be it for the institute, present students or the alumnus themselves. The alumni cell’s sole objective is not only to connect the alumni with the institute but also to facilitate them to take an active part in the various institutional affairs.

The cell has been instrumental in organizing the Annual Alumni Meet, Regional Student Alumni Meet, Alumni Mentorship Programs, Alumni Talks and various other interaction programs for the growth and betterment of the current students.



To form a respectful, equitable, engaging and mutually beneficial community to enrich and perpetuate the bond between the alumni and the institute in order to facilitate the implementation of its vision and mission, and define the goals and objectives that will help to enhance the image, quality, and reputation of both the students as well as the institute.


  • To connect the existing alumnus with the institute and bridge the communication gap between alumnus and students.
  • To promote a sense of pride and goodwill for the institute among all the students.
  • To foster lifelong support through contributing the real-life experiences, collective knowledge, and perspective of the alumni’s to the life of the institute.
  • To guide the present students and channelize their efforts in better and effective directions through the help of the alumni mentorship program.
  • To continue the process of lifelong learning for both the student as well as the institution.
DBIT students

What good are we for? 

For the Alumni 

Leveraging the alumni cell can be a win-win for both the institution and the alumni. Being an alumnus, the alumni cell helps in fostering a lasting connection with one’s alma mater along with providing them with an avenue to give back to the institute. It also helps them reminisce with their fellow graduates, and apart from all a healthy active alumni cell helps alumnus expand their professional network through the vibrant alumni-only environment. This helps in enhancing alumni’s professional as well as personal growth.

DBIT Dehradun

For the Institute 

The successful graduates are the institute’s best asset. For any institute, alumni are the most loyal supporters and the best ambassadors, who offer priceless marketing and promotion across their personal and professional channels. Apart from it, a strong, competent alumni network of any institute works as a testimony for the institute’s effective efforts. A strong alumni network also contributes towards the various developmental activities of the institution, as many among them are willing to ‘Give-Back’ to their alma-mater as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the institution.

DBIT students

For the Students 

A talented alumni cell also works wonders for the students as the capable alumni’s through their wealth of experience and skills can help the current students via talks, meets, workshops and various other programs. This could go even further as numerous successful alumni can become the most significant source of practical supports in launching students’ career through getting them placed at their respective organizations.

Sr. No. Alumni Name Position Course E-Mail ID Current Organization Current Designation
1 Mr. Abhishek Rai President MBA abhishekr.saxena87@gmail.com SRL Limited (subsidiary of Fortis Hospital) Sr. Manager-Logistics
2 Mr. Rishav Gupta Vice President MBA guptaareeshabh2345@gmail.com Policy Bazaar Senior Executive
3 Ms. Damini Thapliyal Secretary B.Tech (CSE) daminithapliyalp@gmail.com Tecziq Solutions Pvt Ltd, Noida Game Developer
4 Mr. Abhishek Mishra Treasurer B.Tech (ME) mishra.abhishek@bullmenrealty.com Bullmenrealty india pvt ltd Assistant General Manager
5 Mr. Rajiv Kumar Executive Committee Member B.Tech (ECE) er.rajiv1991@gmail.com Digital eyesight security solutions Director
6 Mr. Avnish Mishra Executive Committee Member B.Tech (CSE) avnishmishra.1992@gmail.com VASPIRE Technologies Inc Technical Consultant