23 Jan 2019

Building Business Skills and Preparing for Reality: Landing a Dream Course

Until a few years back, a contributor at two NGO’s, and at present, an aspiring MBA student at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions – Here’s a story of Pragya Pryarthi who doesn’t know ‘no’ for an answer.

Year after year, with ever-increasing competition, students wait holding their breath for their entrance tests results – whether it’s a CAT, C-MAT, or IIT-JEE or medical. Pragya, a graduate and a contributor towards an NGO for over 5 years took up MBA at DBGI and soon chose to quit her smoothly sailing job to pursue her passion for understanding the practical side of business and commerce.

She says, “I realized that I was keen on staying associated with NGO’s ever since I graduated. But, pursuing MBA has always been my passion. I wanted to grow individually and get out of my comfort zone, work on my skills, and be prepared for exploring better future prospects.”

When she read a poster about the Institute and that they were open for an intake, she couldn’t resist but raise funds and traveled her way from Nepal for pursuing full-time MBA. While working in an otherwise sensitive industry, to not paying attention at the education gap – grabbing opportunities, consistent dedication, and her impressive passion to cross all the stepping-stones for the final outcome is what kept Pragya going.

“I consider myself very lucky to go straight from an NGO job and land in the finest Institution to pursue a dream course. My internship has given me invaluable experience – I’ve learnt by practically doing it. I believe MBA is going to be a source for me to enter into the corporate world, and eventually to become an entrepreneur. Somewhere, my internship has played a major role in refining my personality,” says Pragya.

Pragya Pryarthi, who interned with Nepal Rashtra Bank in the customer service department, could’ve easily opted for a similar profile for her final placements. However, she believes in looking for more challenging roles that would step her apart from everybody else. She added, “Sometimes, as a fresher, you are a bit scared of the real work-life, but with time, you grow into somebody who’s sure and capable of carrying out any task.”