01 Feb 2019

Campus Placement Drive – Final Result of Scope Telecom.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun.

The Final Result of Scope Telecom

  1. Dixit Tyagi                 B-Tech (ECE)
  2. Pranshu Paliwal      B-Tech EEE)
  3. Vijay Taak                 B-Tech (ECE)
  4. Raj Kumar                Diploma (ECE)
  5. Amrit Kumar           Diploma (ECE)

The candidates put on Hold in waiting list, if anyone from above candidates rejects this offer then these will be automatically offered or we can call them for joining whenever required after the selected candidates:

  1.  Trivendra Bhatt      B-Tech (ECE)
  2. Sheeraj Malik         B-Tech (ECE)
  3. Rohit Bohra             B-Tech (ECE)

Candidates which has been selected for Network Trainee in Networking Technologies:-

  1.  Shivam Kakaran                  B-Tech  (CSE)
  2. Mriganga Kakati                  B-Tech  (CSE)
  3. An kit Singh                          Diploma (CS)
  4. Manoj Kumar Kumhal      BSc (IT)

Congratulation to the selected candidates.


Best Regards
Dr Manisha Maiduly