26 Jun 2021

CBSE Class 12th Exams Cancellation

Webinar Organized By DBGI Offers Valuable Insights To College Aspirants After CBSE Class 12th Exams Cancellation

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun organized a webinar on 11th June to allay the doubts and fears of college aspirants who find themselves in an unusual position after the cancellation of the CBSE Class 12th exams. It brought together industry and academia leaders for the webinar that offered a roadmap to ‘Convert The Hurdle Into A Career Opportunity for young students around the country.

Mr. Aman Bansal, Managing Director, DBGI Group, Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Director, Doon Global School, and Mr. Suraj Sapra, Co-founder and CSO, NoPaperForms Solutions shared their thoughts and insights in the engaging discussion that was moderated by Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder, WE-Viral. From the immediate aftermath of the decisions to securing admissions to top colleges, it covered a wide range of topics for the benefit of aspirants.

The decision to cancel CBSE Class 12th exams put a dampener on the spirits of many students, who had been preparing hard during the troubled times of the pandemic. However, there is a silver lining and an opportunity to convert the obstacle into a career opportunity. Sharing his thoughts on the topic, Mr. Suraj Sapra said, “In my view, along with whatever as an average outscore, institutes must make a comprehensive evaluation process. It could be a blend of the obtained scores in internal exams and a quick personal interview.”

As the Managing Director, DBGI one of the sought-after higher learning institutions in the country, Mr. Aman Bansal brought insights into the admission process. This year, though top colleges may not be able to use Class 12 scores as admission criterion; he offered hope to aspirants when he said, “The student has to look out for opportunities and ensure to not miss them. If you find any institution that is versatile in having a paradigm shift altogether in order to safeguard the future of the students, you should go for it”

The past year has been riddled with uncertainty for students, and the cancellation of the exams compounded the woes for many. Mr. Ankit Agarwal offered them much needed reassurance and guidance with his words. “Instead of turning our backs to the situation, we have to face it and adapt to it. There are better days ahead; there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you keep putting in your efforts, it will bring out the best in you,” was his thoughtful message to students

The webinar was attended by students and parents concerned about their futures, across the country. At the end of the lively discussion, they also had an opportunity to have their doubts cleared as the experts answered their questions on varied topics. From steps students can take to secure their admissions to top colleges to choosing the right stream of studies with an eye on the future, the discussion offered a comprehensive perspective on the road ahead.