27 May 2020

Dr R K Tripathi – Professor in Department of  Mechanical Engineering

In conversation Professor in Department of  Mechanical Engineering, Dr R K Tripathi, Alternate Energy Sources Researcher

With the introduction of engineering, mathematics, science, and technology-based subjects, the need for specialization and technical know-how has become a ‘hot topic’ in the education sector at all levels. Being able to impart complex, sometimes dry, topics is a skill in itself that most business school professors are trying to master since time immemorial. And in the opinion of the students, staff, and other faculty members of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun, Prof. Dr R K Tripathi – Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, is deft at that skill.

Dr Tripathi, a Dehradun-native, who has been a part of the DBGI community for a while now, has a special knack for teaching. As someone who has spent a great amount of time in the industry, aside from his glowing reviews pertaining to his teaching ability and classroom presence, he has also gained repute for his immense influential research and patience amongst students. Currently, Dr Tripathi says he’s focused on imparting technical knowledge to the students to keep them abreast of the latest developments in order to stay at par with the industry requirements. Meanwhile, the professor is also taking efforts to establish regular interactions between professionals from the industry and students through the means of seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and events to improve the pedagogy delivered and implement practical content that is relevant to the course.

When speaking on the different moves that the department of Engineering has initiated, Dr Tripathi said,

Our aim at DBGI is to ensure the students are up to date with the industry needs. We want them to stand strong against their peers of other institutes when it comes to grabbing job or career development opportunities. For the same, we conduct regular industrial visits, guest lectures by eminent speakers from the industry, and academic-cum-cultural events that help advance and portray skills. Besides, we also encourage students to participate in national as well as international conferences and competitions for seeking greater exposure. In the end, the responsibility of both the success and failure of our students lies with us.

Dr Tripathi’s dedication and commitment towards his teaching and students have left everyone impressed and longing for more knowledge from him. He believes that an academician’s duty is not limited to teaching or providing educational materials but rather exploring as well as addressing students’ curiosities and questions in meaningful ways.