DBIT Dehradun
04 Apr 2020

DBIT a Pole of Excellence in Engineering Education- Best Engineering College in Uttarakhand 

DBIT Building

Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology (DBIT) a prestigious institute under the aegis of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI) seeks to provide world-class education and fundamental research across the extensive range of engineering disciplines. Spread across 42 acres in the serene surrounding of Dehradun the institute since its inception in 2005, has been in the forefront of imparting quality knowledge and ground-breaking research.

Within the short span of 15 years, DBIT has continuously been proving its metal as it works devotedly towards attaining its aim of making the world a better place through education, innovation and research. Here are a few points which will manifest how DBIT is the best engineering college in Uttarakhand.

Best Engineering College in Uttarakhand 

With several departments, dozens of labs, and a system that matches the best practices, theories, resources, and standards the institute focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to research, teaching, and problem-solving. The institute offers significant engineering disciplines, namely  Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering in Undergraduate Programs. Other than that, Thermal Engineering, Advanced Digital Communication, Computer Science Engineering, and Structural Engineering as Postgraduate Programs in Engineering.

  • A Community Of Innovators – DBIT is a diverse campus community that is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, in order to convey this knowledge to tackle the world’s challenges. DBIT since its inception is committed to imparting its students with an education that blends rigorous academic study and the thrill of learning with the compensation and intellectual stimulation of a diverse campus community.
  • World-Class Education – DBIT delivers world-class education in engineering so that the graduates possess all the vital skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become leaders in the engineering industry. With the desire to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution DBIT offers a meticulous and unparalleled course curriculum that provides balanced theoretical and practical knowledge and thus helps students pursue their passion and eventually make a difference by providing their service to the nation and world. The institute makes sure that the students can easily shape their experiences tailored to their individual needs.
  • Excellent Recruitment Opportunities – Institute is firmly committed to delivering the best-trained efficient professionals for the corporate world and simultaneously providing a winning career for students as per their potential. Therefore, the placement and training team of the institute is dedicated to providing the best job opportunities to all its students and thus works year after year towards enhancing the quality and number of the placement. With the placement rate of 73% and 12 LPA as the highest CTC offered the institute has grabbed the place of the best engineering placement college in Uttarakhand.  
  • Hi-Tech Campus –  DBIT, through its state-of-art infrastructure, offers countless opportunities to its students to create their impact in and out of the classroom. Institute provides students with smart classrooms, high-tech laboratories, a well-sourced library, conference and seminar hall, and an advanced IT Centre which aid students in their learning and evolving process.
  • Finest Faculty – The institute in order to offer an outstanding engineering education brings together the cutting-edge researcher and exceptional teachers who through their knowledge and wisdom nurture the best and the potent engineers. The teachers at DBIT have passion along with the ability to work wisely, creatively, and efficiently for the development and thus for the improvement of mankind.
  • Miscellaneous Environment –  The institute not only focuses on the academic excellence of the students but also works towards nurturing every individual into a decent and responsible human being. The diverse and positive atmosphere of the campus where the students from all across the country reside is also a hallmark of DBIT as the enriching environment of the institute helps in nurturing the values, ethics, and overall personality development of the individual.

These are a few points which coupled with the culture of innovation have made Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, one of the best Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand that lifts up the spirit of curiosity and imagination of the young minds that dare to dream and helps them open doors to the success and prosperity.