21 Oct 2019

Education Visit – Excursion to Rajpur Forest Area by Department of Forestry


The event is excursion visit to observe the various flora present in the respective area, so that the students recognize the vegetation and the taxonomic status of vegetation.

AIM of the Events

  1. To show the practically vegetation (flora) of the area.
  2. To understand the variations in taxonomic studies of the species present.
  3. To understand the importance of visits during educational studies.
  4. To make them aware about micro flora of the given area.
  5. To study about the ecosystem.
Department Name
Department of Forestry
Course Name (Participants): Bsc. Forestry I, III& V Sem, B.Sc. Horti-I Sem, B.Sc. Botany-3rd year, B.Sc. Micro I and III Sem
Date Time & Venue of Events: 21-10-2019
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Dr. Pallavi Gautam,

Ms. Habiba Begum, Mr. Atul Negi

Contact Person Dr. Pallavi Gautam


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