21 Oct 2019

Educational Visit on IISWC by Department of Agriculture


This visit is for increasing the knowledge about Agrometeorology observatories and sustainable agriculture among students and to study climatic resources of a given area for effective crop planning. This visit help in study of  crop weather relationships in all important crops and forecast crop yields based on agro climatic and spectral indices using remote sensing and to delineate climatic/agro ecological/agro climatic zones for defining agro climatic analogues so as to make effective and fast transfer of technology for improving crop yields. It helps the student to develop crop growth simulation models for assessing/obtaining potential yields in different agro climatic zones.Student can learn how to investigate the influence of weather in protected environment (eg. Glass houses) for improving their design aiming at increasing crop production.

AIM of the Events

  • To help towards advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge of Agrometeorology science
  • To study climatic recourses of given area for effective crop production
  • To develop weather based effective farm operations.
  • Managing weather abnormalities like cyclones, heavy rainfall, floods, drought etc. achieved by weather forecasting.
  • To monitor agricultural droughts on crop-wise for effective drought management.
  • To develop weather based agro advisories to sustain crop production utilizing various types of weather forecast and seasonal climate forecast.

To investigate microclimatic aspects of crop canopy in order to modify them for increased crop growth

Speakers of the Events:


NAME Dr. lekh Chand
E-Mail ID Lekhchand1@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Senior scientist , division of HRD&SS
Organization IISWC
Department Name ( Full Name) Agriculture
Course Name (Participants): Agriculture Meteorology
Date Time & Venue of Events: 21/10/2019
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Megha Rana and Vipin Garwal


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