16 Apr 2019

Educational Visit to Dairy farm by Department of Food Technology



About Event: Department of Food Technology, DBIMS Dehradun, is going for dairy farmvisit on 16/04/2019 at Valley Farm, Subhash Nagar (Dehradun).The objective of the visit is to provide students with an understanding of the basic knowledge about cooperative Dairying

Aim of Event:

  • To know about milch animal breeds and cooperative dairying
  • To understand the working operation of milking machines.
  • To know about the production of dairy products (ghee, butter, cheese)
  • To know about working principle of different unit operations
  • To study about packaging, storage and transportation parameters.

Department Name: Food Technology

Course: B.Sc. Food Technology

Date & Venue: 16/04/2019 at Subhash Nagar, Dehradun