29 Nov 2019

Educational visit to KVK & Rural areas of Dhakrani Herbertpur by Department of Agriculture


This visit aims at making students aware and have understanding of the processes of agricultural techniques, new schemes launched by the govt. of India for rural development. This visit to enhance students knowledge about work done in govt. institutes. This will help students for survey of rural societies.

AIM of the Event

  1. To know about role of KVK in agriculture sector.
  2. To know about new varieties of various crop seeds through KVK.
  3. To understand about agriculture system in rural society.
  4. To understand about social organization of rural areas.
  5. To understand about different units of rural social structure.
  6. 6. Socio economic survey.
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Dr. A. K. Singh
E-Mail ID awanish03@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Associate Professor, Animal Nutrition
Organization KVK
Department Name ( Full Name) Agriculture
Course Name (Participants): B.Sc. Agriculture (I Sem) Group II
Date Time & Venue of Events: 29 November 2019, 10:00 Am at KVK Dhakrani Herbertpur-Poanta Sahib Rd, Uttarakhand
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Ms. Hema Adhikari & Ms. Ashwani Rawat
Contact Person Dr. A. K. Singh


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