06 Nov 2019

Educational Visit – IT Companies for B.Tech CSE-3rd Year Students


Event Title: Educational Visit to Chandigarh by B.Tech (CSE)- I Year Students
Event category
Educational Visit
About Event



This one day outdoor educational visit is organized for the students to give them a practical exposure of the industry and knowledge sharing sessions by the technical experts.
AIM of the Events


To Aware the students about latest innovations and Challenging Trends in industry and expectations from the freshers.
Content of the Event
Highlights of Events


Students will see the live working by software engineers and Experts from the industry will share their experiences with the students.
Speakers of the Events:


Technical  Leads/HRs of 2 IT Companies.
Department Name Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Course Name
B.Tech (CSE)- I Year
Date Time & Venue of Events: 06.11.19
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members Prof. Pankaj Chaudhary
Contact Person 09456113666

Following Student committee is nominated
(a) Mr. Sarthak-B.Tech(CSE)-I Year – 08874988184
(b) Mr. Priyanshu Verma- B.Tech(CSE)-I Year- 09756195884
(c) Mr. Chirag Garg- B.Tech(CSE)-I Year- 09897598163
(d) Mr. Dipayan Majumdar- B.Tech(CSE)-I Year -8851462360
(e) Ms. Mehak Aeron-B.Tech(CSE)-I Year

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