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17 Apr 2019

Guest lecture : Universal Health Coverage-Everyone,Everywhere by Department of Ayurveda


Universal Health Coverage-Everyone,Everywhere

Universal Health means that all people have access without any kind of discrimination to comprehensive quality services where ever they need them without facing financial difficulties. Universal Health is not just about ensuring everyone is covered but that everyone has access to care when they need it anytime and anywhere. This year on April 07’19 marks the end of World Health Organisation’s 70th Anniversary celebrations. As an expression of health for all in the 21st century Universal Health requires the involvement of all sectors of society in order to combat poverty,social injustice,educational gaps and poor living conditions among other factors that influence people’s health.

AIMS of the Events

  1. All people and communities have access to quality health services where and when they need them without suffering financial hardship.
  2. To help people better understand what universal health coverage means.
  3. It includes the Full spectrum of services needed throughout the life.
  4. To guide health workers who are helping decision makers for health recognize what people need in terms of care.
  5. To communicate about the importance of equity in health care services.

Speakers of the Events:

  1. Dr.Rajeev Kumar,MD(Community Medicine)
  2. Dr.Amit Mittal,M.Sc,M.Phil. ,P.h. D. ,PGDHA

Department Name: B.A.M.S

Course Name (Participants): All facuty and staff members of B.A.M.S


Registration for : Guest lecture : Universal Health Coverage-Everyone,Everywhere by Department of Ayurveda

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