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26 Dec 2019

Mussoorie Winter Line Carnival Visit by Department of Hotel Management


About Event

The Mussorie winter line carnival is less of a fair and more of a festival which encounters large number of crowd for 5 days. It is being organized by the tourism department of Uttarakhand. The HM department further is planning to send at least 6 students so that they learn more about the local cuisine and also can directly deal with the customer. This will give them exposure about managing sales and tackling all the problems that comes in the field.

The food being offered by the shop will have the gadwali cuisine and regional cuisine which also promote the traditional and food culture of the state.

AIM of the Events
–          In order give practical knowledge to the students.

–          Learn how to make different types of cuisine.

–          Student will learn how to plan an event.

–          Students will learn about the team work.

–          Students will get the exposure to work under high pressure.


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