07 May 2020

4 days Online Bootcamp on Emerging Technology by Department of Computer Science & Engg


Event Title: Online Bootcamp on Emerging Technology
Event category  Workshop
About Event
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology and Veer Madho Singh Bhandari Uttarakhand Technological University are jointly organizing Student Development Programme”4 Days online Bootcamp on Emerging Technologies” under the aegis of TEQIP-III, Undwer Uttarakhand Technical University from 7th May to 10th May, 2020. This online Bookcamp is based on the Blockchain Technology.The Blockchain Boot Camp is mean for anyone who have little or no knowledge of blockchain or cryptography technology. The idea is to introduce the concept of blockchain and explain the fundamental of blockchain and bitcoin. For those who want to learn from scratch and be ready for blockchain. The curriculum also includes the  real life case studies to help understand the application.
AIM of the Events : 1.      To encourage students towards blockchain technology.

2.      To understand demands of blockchain technology in IT industries.

3.      To understanding the piloting a real drug supply chain using blockchain and IoT software.

4.      To understand the applications of blockchain such as bank, government, accounting firm, etc.

5.       To encourage students for this type of inventions and project.

Highlights of Events Online workshop on Blockchain Bootcamp
Speakers of the Events: (Name, E- Mail ID, Designation, Organization Name,Photograph.


NAME  Mr. Pankaj Kumar Diwan
E-Mail ID
Designation & Experience CEO-Idealabs FutureTech Ventures
Organization Idealabs FutureTech Ventures
Course Name (Participants): B.Tech(CSE)/MCA


7th May, 2020 to 10th May, 2020


Time 11am to 3pm
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Mr. Dhajvir Singh Rai
Contact Person 9557891499

We would like to go ahead with the Planned Bootcamps on Emerging technologies like Blockchain.

The following steps are planned to make it effective:

1.1  Deliverables by EdgeFx- Idealabs

  1. A registration form (google form) will be created and exclusively for the college and shared to the college SPoC
  2. An online platform with video conferencing and interactive Q&A will be provided
  3. Special permission will be given for Faculty or SPoC from college who can also login and monitor the session.
  4. The earlier planned two day bootcamp will be spread across 4 days of 4 hour each day.
  5. Session plan will be shared before the bootcamp event (remains broadly same as what was shared earlier)
  6. The session will be recorded and presentation will be shared for future reference
  7. The session will be interactive with presentations and exercises
  8. Cloud based lab will be given to students to access all resources online
  9. Feedback will be collected after every session and topics repeated if needed
  10. Q&A time will be given after every session
  11. A team of support staff will be there to answer every question in addition to the presenter of the session
  12. Assignments will be given and verified.
  13. A final feedback form will be given after the bootcamp to the students and college director

1.2  Deliverables by College

  1. SpoC to be nominated
  2. Scheduling of the bootcamp and hackathon to be done
  3. Registration of upto 100 students from second , third and final year to be done by college at least three days before the bootcamp
  4. The bootcamp shall be on Blockchain so it is miost suitable for Computer Science, Information technology and Electronics and Communication students with some basic programming knowledge.

1.3  Requirements from students

  • Internet connection with reasonable speed to have an audio/video conference
  • Laptop/computer with audio video capability


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