21 Feb 2021

SDP on Application of CCNA


Event Title:  Application of CCNA
Event category  Workshop
About Event CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), is a certification from Cisco. The world most famous company for manufacturing and sell networking equipment, this certification helps to become familiar with a wide range of topics, such as:

·         LAN/WAN

·         TCP/IP model

·         Switches and routers

·         Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)

·         IP addressing and subnetting

·         VLANs and trunking

·         Routing protocols such as OSPF

·         WLAN

·         NAT and ACLs

·         Automation and programmability

AIM of the Events CCNA SDP designed to give knowledge about detailed knowledge of Computer Networks, different protocols used in Communication, Managing, and configuring Cisco Switches and Routers, and various WAN technologies.
Content of the Event ·        DAY 1:

*CCNA Essentials
* Access points
* Internal and external cloud services
* Virtual services
* Virtual network infrastructure
* Network topology
* Troubleshooting
* IPv4 addressing and subnetting
* Unicast , Broadcast and Multicast
* IPv6 address schema
* IPv6 address types LAN Switching Technologies

·        DAY 2:

*Switching concept
* MAC learning and aging
* Frame switching
* Frame flooding
* MAC address table
* Interpret Ethernet frame format

·         * VLAN, Interswitch connectivity
* STP protocols, STP mode
* STP root bridge selection
* CISCO discovery protocol

·        DAY 3:

*Ether channel Routing Technologies
* Routing concept
* Packet handling
* Frame rewrite, Routing table
* VLAN routing, VSVI
* Static routing
* Dynamic routing
* Distance vector routing protocol
* Link state routing protocol
* IPv4 and IPv6 static routing
* Network route, Host route
* Floating route
* Single area and multi area OSPFv2 for IPv4
* Single area and multi-area OSPFv3

·        DAY 4:

* IPv6, EIGRP for IPv4
* EIGRP for IPv6
* RIPv2 for IPv4
* End to end connectivity issues WAN Technologies
* PPP and MLPPP on WAN
* PPPoE client side interface
* GRE tunnel connectivity
* WAN topology
* WAN access connectivity options

·        DAY 5:

* Internet VPN, MPLS
* QoS concept, Shaping
* Policing
* Congestion management Infrastructure Services
* DNS lookup operation
* Client connectivity issues involving
* DHCP on a router
* TFTP ,DNS and gateway options
* HSRP, NAT, Static NAT
* Pool NAT, PAT
* NTP operating in a client server mode Infrastructure Security

Highlights of Events Basically, it is a program to learn the networking concepts, how to handle routers, switches and IP addressing, Routing etc.
Speakers of the Events:



2.       Navdeep Dimri

E-Mail ID 1.     inderdevchauhan@gmail.com

2.       dimri.navdeep@gmail.com

Designation & Experience 1.       SAP FI Consultant (Functional)

2.       Senior Analyst

Organization 1.       SAP FICO Consultant

2.       HCL Technologies

Department Name ( Full Name) Computer Science Department
Course Name (Participants):  B.Tech(CSE), MCA, BCA
Date Time & Venue of Events:  Online on MS Team Software, 21 to 25-09-2020 at 11:00AM and 02:30PM
Event Coordinator & Organizing

Team Members

Dhajvir Singh Rai and Mukesh Rajput
Contact Person  Dhajvir Singh Rai


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