05 Nov 2020

Student Development Program on Presentation Skills


Event Title: Student Development Program on Presentation Skills
Event category ( Workshop/Guest Lecture/Seminar/Education Visit etc) Student Development Program
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Delivery skills are the skills students need to deliver effective presentations that involve a diverse audience. These skills include various aspects such as the structure of your presentation, the structure of your slides, the tone of your voice, and the body language you convey.
AIM of the Events (Min 5 Points):


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1.       Use the formal presentation method (Pyramid Method) to prepare effective presentations and teaching aids

2.       Decide and develop a personal presentation style

3.       Find ways to overcome the fear of giving

4.       See weak areas for presentation and areas for improvement

5.       Read, practice and acquire the skills needed to deliver effectively, clearly and effectively

Content of the Event ( In Case of Workshop, Seminar, Guest Lecture) DAY 1:

·         Presentation?

·         Why presentation matters?

DAY 2:

·         Tools used for presentation

·         Power point presentations (PPT)

DAY 3:

·         Elements of a good PPT

DAY 4:

·            Role of a presenter

DAY 5:

·         Tips to improve presentation skills.


Highlights of Events



Delivering an effective presentation can be a divisive divide

your competition. The most effective presentations are best remembered. This is the program tries to show the stress and nerves around the presentation.

The aim is to provide a systematic way for participants to prepare again present an effective, effective presentation that meets the objectives as well brings results.

Some guidelines for preparing for presentations and practice sessions will be provided with feedback from participants and the Program Coach.

Speakers of the Events:

(Name, E- Mail ID, Designation, Organization Name, Photograph. Resume)

NAME Mr. Digvijay Singh
E-Mail ID NA
Designation & Experience Head Trainer-Sales, 10+ years
Organization ICICI Foundation Pvt. Ltd.
Department Name ( Full Name) DBIT
Course Name (Participants): B.Tech(CSE), B.Tech(ME), B.Tech(CE), B.Tech(ECE), B.Tech(EEE), MCA
Date Time & Venue of Events: From 05 to 09-Nov-2020 at 2PM to 4PM, Online on MS Team
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Mr. Shubhashish Goswami and Mr. Mukesh Rajput
Contact Person Mukesh Rajput- 9756614554


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