02 Jun 2023

Talk on Research Publication Opportunities


Event Title: Talk on Research Publication Opportunities
Event category  Expert Lecture
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We all know what research is – it’s something we do when we want to find something. That is what we are trained to do in the PhD program. That is what comes before development. An etymologist can tell us that it comes from the old French word cerchier, to search, by expressing great power. I think it says that before 1400 in France, research meant searching very hard.

If I were talking to someone working at my university, I would say that a hard search was a scholarship. The difference? Research should have something new, informative. While literature search is one important part of a research project, it is not the research itself. It’s a scholarship.

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The purpose of the research indicates the purpose or desire of the research; summarizes in one sentence what you hope to accomplish by the end of the research project. Your objective should be clearly stated in writing so that you can determine when it has been received.
Content of the Event  A simple talk about research.
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Outstanding are 3 to 5 short sentences that contain the essence of the research described in the paper. Outstanding is only available online for the purpose of driving someone’s attention to reading paper.
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NAME Dr. Luxmi Sapra
E-Mail ID Cse.luxmisapra@dbgidoon.ac.in
Designation & Experience 12+ year Experience
Organization DBIT, Dehradun
Department Name DBIT, Dehradun
Course Name (Participants): All faculties of BTech Department
Date Time & Venue of Events: 23 Dec 2020, Offline
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Mr. Mukesh Rajput and Dhajvir Singh Rai
Contact Person Mukesh Rajput- 9756614554


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