18 Jul 2020

Virtual Alumni Meet – Bengaluru Chapter


Virtual Alumni Meet – Bengaluru Chapter

We all are aware by the fact that our country is fighting a war against the COVID-19 pandemic. So, being the responsible citizens of our country it’s our prime duty that we support each other in tough time. Many of us had lost our jobs and facing recession, lets collect together and support each other by means of recruitment, motivation and moral support. I am sure the Network of DBGI will shoulder the responsibility of providing employment of all DBGIans.

We understand that social distancing is important, but we can’t deny the fact that networking is equally important . But the best part is we are living in the world of digitalization we have been blessed with such innovative technologies that can bring two people together from any where in the world , in just a fraction of seconds.

DBGI Alumni Association’s has taken an initiative of having its ‘Virtual Annual Meet’ for all Alumni residing in bengaluru. This ‘Virtual Meet’ is a session planned to lighten the moods of all alumni in this stressful situation and to have networking among people amid this lock-down.

This Virtual Meet is planned on July 18, 2020  that you can join exclusively from your home through the Zoom Meet application.

So, let’s come together, by not coming together!, and have a happening evening with your fellow verto.


Date : July 18 , 2020
Time : 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Virtual Alumni Meet - Bengaluru Chapter 2020



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