31 May 2020

Webinar on “Life with Covid- 19” in Association with Indian Red Cross Society


Event Title: Webinar on “Life with Covid- 19” in Association with Indian Red Cross Society
Event category Webinar
About Event Webinar on Life with Covid 19 is conducted for creating awareness about Covid 19 Infection and Prevention. More important is to live and Work effectively with this Covid 19 as we are unable to develop a vaccine for complete treatment of the infection; we have to go ahead with this virus as we have to focus on our economy, education and all.
AIM of the Events


  • To Aware the students about Covid 19 infection and its prevention.
  • To encourage all for work effectively even in this pandemic situation.
  • To understand the worst situation, as it can come any time.
  • To encourage students for online study and follow digitization.
  • To understand the effects of Covid 19 on mental health.
Content of the Event This webinar will Highlight the Effects of Covid 19 and Give ideas to live and work effectively in this pandemic situation.
Speakers of the Events:


Name Dr. Satish Singh Pingal

Dr. K.P. Singh

E-mail Id ircsuk2012@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Treasurer(22 Years)

Doctor(25 Years)

Organization Indian Red Cross Society, Uttarakahnd

Chardham Hospital

Department Name Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Dehradun
Course Name (Participants): All Students of DBIPR & DBMCAH
Date & Time 31st May 2020, 12:00pm-2:00pm
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members 1.       Bhupendra Kumar

2.       Dr. Amandeep Singh

Contact Person Bhupendra Kumar(8445829203)


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