14 May 2020

Webinar on Medical Writing in Pharmaceutical Industry


Event Title: Webinar on Medical Writing in Pharmaceutical Industry
Event category  Webinar
About Event Webinar on Medical Writing in Pharmaceutical Industry is conducted for creating awreness about the well scope. Medical writing was generally a satisfy ing and well-rewarded career choice. Several individual responses suggested a lack of appreciation and poor cooperation on the part of some clients and/or authors. Quality of life differed little between pharmaceutical and device employees. While many skills are transferable, those wishing to change focus from pharma ceuticals to medical devices or vice versa may face challenges. Respondents offered a range of advice for new recruits
AIM of the Events


1.       Helps communicate effectively the significance of this area and delivers well-structured information to different audiences

2.       medical writers participate in discussion that cover the progress of a range of programmes, trials, data analysis, formation of scientific arguments and points, document quality, drug development and product launch

3.       Medical writing evolved out of an editorial and language correcting past, developing as a profession in its own right after World War II

4.       Medical writer ensures that input is provided from all functions on a team (marketing, regulatory, statistics, clinical, pharmacovigilance) while helping to mediate cross-functional differences of opinion on what messages the data have to say.

5.        Students can think beyond marketing, Production,QC and QA.

Content of the Event This webinar will cover the Introductory part of medical writing and its significances.
Speakers of the Events:


Name Himesh Morgan Singh
E-mail Id himeshmorgan@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Medical Content Writer, 4 Years
Organization Aurum Medcom
Department Name Dev Bhoomi Institute of Pharmacy & Research, Dehradun
Course Name (Participants): All Pharmacy Students
Date Time & Venue of Events: 14-5-2020, 2:00 to 3:00pm
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members 1.       Bhupendra Kumar

2.       Dr. Amandeep Singh

Contact Person Bhupendra Kumar(8445829203)


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