05 Jun 2020

Webinar on Plants in Relation to Environment


Event Title: Plants in Relation to Environment
Event category  Webinar ( On World Environment Day)
About Event


Environmental is a concept that encompasses all the factors that affect a plant and this term also among the basic terms of ecology. Plant growth depends on its own environment. Environment includes all internal-external factors and forces also for plants. External factors cover light, water, temperature, wind, soil etc. elements. Plant environment often exerts its greatest influence over herbage quality by altering leaf/stem ratios, but it also causes other morphological modifications and changes in chemical composition of plant parts.
AIM of the Events 


It will explain students about the environment and its important elements. It will tell students about the relationship between plant & environmental. It will aware students about the impact of environment on plants. Also will give the knowledge about the environmental stress & what will be consequences if a plant sp will get environmental stress.
Content of the Event To learn about plant ecology, environmental factors like biotic & antibiotic factors and their effects on plants.
Highlights of Events



Plant ecology helps us to know about the impact of plants & environment on each other. It explains how the environmental factors like temperature &humidity etc influence growth of plant as well as the plant activity affect the environment.
Speakers of the Events:


NAME Prof. Sas Biswas
E-Mail ID biswassas@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Professor & Head   (Department of Forestry) &45 years of experience in forestry research, education.
Organization Dolphin Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical and Natural sciences, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Department Name ( Full Name) Microbiology
Course Name (Participants):  BSc Microbiology/CBZ(BOTANY)
Date Time & Venue of Events: 5th June’ 2020, 4:30 PM,  ZOOM app & face book live (Rahul sir will provide the link)
Event Coordinator &Organizing Team Members Dr.Prerana Badoni, Dr. Bhavya Trivedi and Ms. Padma Chorol
Contact Person Dr. Bhavya Trivedi ( Web Coordinator)


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