23 Nov 2020

Webinar on ‘The Belly Rules the Mind: A Secret!’


Event Title: Webinar on ‘The Belly Rules the Mind: A Secret!’
Event category  Online Guest Lecture
About Event  This event is organised for Agriculture and Applied Sciences students. The major objective of this event is to aware students about connection between a healthy food and healthy mind. Most of the time students are indulged in fast food in order to relieve stress but this practice only deteriorated their health further. The present youth needs to aware of the fact that only healthy food will help us in sustaining a healthy  mind and body.

This event will highlight the importance of diet in sustaining a healthy lifestyle in this pandemic and how it can be a tool for success and survival.

AIM of the Events 1.       To understand healthy food habits

2.       To know about connection between mood and food.

3.       To motivate students in adapting healthy living.

4.       To solve students queries about healthy living.

5.       To understand correlation between a diet high in refined sugar and impaired brain function

Content of the Event  Online guest lecture
Highlights of Events Online guest lecture :

The Belly Rules the Mind: A Secret!

Speakers of the Events:


NAME Dr Udichi Kataria
E-Mail ID udichikataria@gmail.com
Designation & Experience Professor and HOD (Department of Pharmaceutics)
Organization Geetanjali Institute of Pharmacy, udaipur


Department Name  B.Sc. Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Course Name (Participants): B.Sc. Agriculture and Applied Sciences all semesters
Date Time & Venue of Events: 23 Nov  2020;  3:00  PM India


Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Ms. Kajal Srivastava & Dr. Manisha
Contact Person Dr. Manisha (HOD Agriculture)


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