12 Oct 2019

Workshop On Food Fortification by Department of Food Technology


This Workshop aims at making students aware and have understanding of the following queries:

  • Accessibility of the food fortification vehicle by the target population
  • Adequate manufacturing and industrial settings which ensure cost effective production and supervision
  • Compatibility of fortificants (the source of micronutrients) with the nature and use of the food vehicle
  • Affordability of additional costs resulting from the fortification process for consumers and manufacturers
  • Confirmation of the quality of the product at the production site
  • Reliable enforcement actions by government authorities to assure compliance of standards and regulations

Legitimate and justifiable food labeling and nutrition and health claims that promote healthy practices

AIM of the Events

  1. To Understand the concept of Food Fortification
  2. To understand the need of fortification in today’s scenario
  3. To understand the application of fortification

To understand the market demand of fortified food

Speakers of the Events:


NAME Kajal Srivastava
E-Mail ID Foodtech.kajal@dbgidoon.ac.in
Designation & Experience Asst. Prof. (Dept. of Food Technology)
Organization Dev Bhoomi Institute of Management Studies, Dehradun
Department Name ( Full Name) Food Technology
Course Name (Participants): B.Sc. food technology (all years)
Date Time & Venue of Events: 12 October 2019

Food Processing Lab, DBIMS

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Ms. Kajal Srivastava & Ms. Shradha Soni


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