12 Nov 2019

How Dr. Umesh Sawant of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is Making Education Relevant by Connecting it to the World Today

An institute is only as good as its students and faculty members, believes Dr. Umesh Sawant, the Principal of Dev Bhoomi Medical Ayurvedic College and Hospital. Dr. Sawant, who started teaching at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun, in 2006, and was one of the very few professors to pick an expertise like Rachana Sharir, i.e. Anatomy.

In his quest to improve the curriculum, professional development, character and overall calibre of all the students, he transformed the art of teaching by inspiring hope, igniting imagination, and instilling love for learning, which happens often in his Rachana Sharir class. The approach might look different and difficult for each student, but by the end of the journey, most of the students arrive at the same juncture.

The secret to his teaching career, he believes is, the ability to solve problems with reasoning, facilitate active learning, and extend a hand of trust, support, and openness. “As a teacher, it is my duty to ensure this happens. The result of this is well-groomed students who celebrate their teachers with affection and gratitude-filled eyes,” said Dr. Sawant.

He uses practical teaching methods through the means of field visits for herbal plant identification, to renowned ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, and health centres to extract live information of patient care, plant morphology, and commercial know-how of the industry. Witnessing it first-hand is often what hooks students to learn by doing and enjoy the process through the journey.

Outside of being a professor, Dr. Sawant is also an avid reader with special fondness for books that narrate human anatomy, one of them being Gray’s Anatomy. He also mentors students on soft skills such as team work and communication, which he considers to be of paramount importance in their overall development. “I firmly believe students need some social interaction to grow, develop, and learn. As professors, it is important to identify which teaching methods students best respond to and alter techniques accordingly,” adds Dr. Sawant.

His research centres on Rasavaha Srotas and its Moolsthan with reference to different Ayurvedic Samhitas.