04 Nov 2019

Nurturing and Mentoring Talent, Not just Scores

Nurturing and Mentoring Talent, Not just Scores: Meet Prof. Digvijay Singh who’s Honing the Craft of Teaching Beyond Academics

Prof. Digvijay Singh, the Head of Department and a faculty of Programming and Web Mining at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), Dehradun, has one agenda – to train and witness his students go out in the world as well read and confident individuals with ambitions to pursue.

Prof. Digvijay preaches and believes that learning as well as teaching extend beyond the classroom. “Both learning and teaching are experiences and it is about being able to work unitedly,” says Prof. Digvijay. His own curiosity has served him well in a long diverse career span. After attending GKV Haridwar Institute, Kumaon University, Nainital, and TMU Moradabad, to pursue Bachelor of Computer Application, Master of Computer Application, and Master of Technology respectively, Prof. Digvijay’s varied real-world experience has helped him imbibe the same skills in students.

Being a firm believer in seeking conceptual clarity than mugging-up, Prof. Digvijay encourages his students to pass, but never insists on mugging up or A+ grades. At the same time, he is, of course, proud to see his students scoring high, but grades do not define a person, he says. During his early career, Prof. Digvijay played significant roles on various projects, primarily Blockchain Analysis.

Prof. Digvijay finds inspiration in students and people who are curious, good at their work, and focused towards what they do. Besides, he also draws much of his inspiration from books, one of them being Programming in C – by Ivan Bayros, which he also recommends his students to read. “I firmly believe in constantly improving my skills even when I’m well-aware about the subject – this is solely because I have an innate drive to learn and give students information that will help them secure a better job. The students at DBGI are infinitely fortunate for being surrounded by the best infrastructure and faculty members. It would be unfair to not take advantage of the available tools to build our students up,” says Prof. Digvijay.

Prof. Prof. Digvijay credits DBGI for his success in teaching amid a positive environment and for having the liberty to implement new things in the department. In addition to inspiring people and students around him, Prof. Digvijay is always seeking out new trends that he can bring back to the classroom.