PINAK 2020, the most awaited National level cultural festival of Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI), is all set to be back with a bang, and this time it’s going to be bigger, brighter and better. 


Pinak, the most high-powered cultural festival organized by the students of DBGI, is back to be commenced in April 2020, be at ease, the dates for the same will be announced real soon! In its 2020 edition, the vivacious fun-fiesta is going to be crazier. It will embrace a mélange of activities varying from dance, singing and rangoli competition to movie-making, LAN gaming, Treasure Hunt and much more to add to your fun quotient. 


For the fifth year in the row, this year Pinak is being coordinated with an even bigger and better line-up of inter-institutional competitions, workshops, performances, celebrity-nights, food fiesta and various other cultural programs to add to the endless amount of entertainment. The festival will encompass happenings such as Kavyansh (Poetry Competition), DBGI Roadies, Flavours of DBGI (Cooking Competition), Genesis (LAN Gaming), Footloose (Dance competition), Muzika (Singing competition), Business Baazeegar, and Cut Camera Action (Movie Making competition). More than 500 students from across diverse colleges in the city are supposed to participate in the fest. Unfathomably the diverse amalgamation of talent, education, culture, and tradition makes Pinak relishing, ravishing, and worth being a part of.    


This zingy traditional cultural fest of DBGI is, ‘of the students, by the students and for the students’. The cultural event is a significant part of college life. Therefore, Pinak is an opportunity for the students of DBGI and other institutes to participate, organize and experience the freight of responsibilities while having fun. The platform aims to offer a window to their sense of achievement, pride and joy in the execution and delivery of a successful event. It also helps to bring out the competitive spirit of the students, while observing a learning curve offered by the complexities of the festival. The festival apart from inciting the students to proactively take initiatives also provides a chance to earn impressive prizes worth Rs. 50,000. Not just that! Pinak also examines the mettle and grit of each participant and organizers, enabling students to prep for real-world managerial roles.





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