DBGI Training & Placement Policy

The students shall strictly follow placement rules and regulations, failing which; the student shall not be allowed to avail DBGI’s assistance in the Placement process.
Every student must have a minimum of 75% or above attendance in academics and 80% or above in training classes in every semester in every Course and Co-curricular Programs.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Top Placement College in Dehradun Uttarakhand shall not be extending any placement support to students penalized in Disciplinary cases. In case, a student is under any disciplinary proceedings, the said student shall not be allowed to appear for the placement process, till such time, the disciplinary committee clears his/her name.
Eligibility determination for a given job profile is the sole discretion of the Company and no student can challenge the company / CRC department on the same. Also, short-listing for any given profile is the sole discretion of the Company and the CRC Department

The student can apply for placement through any of these available provisions

ON CAMPUS: When a company visits the Institute campus and conducts tests / interviews in the campus it is deemed to be an ‘On Campus Placement’. Even if a part of the selection process is carried on campus and a part of it is conducted off campus, it would fall under the On Campus Placement Category.

OFF CAMPUS: The Company might choose to conduct the campus placement drive at a location other than DBGI campus. Such drives will be called ‘Off Campus Placement Drive’.

IN COMPANY PLACEMENT: The company might choose a way to recruit the students by calling them at a venue of their choice or taking interviews through electronic means like Skype, telephone or face-to-face at their own office venue. Such placement drives would be called In Company Placement drive.

Guidelines for the Issuance of No Objection Certificate to the Students

No Objection Certificate (NOC) to join an organization prior to completion of the program shall only be issued by the CRC Head with the approval of Chairman DBGI on fulfilling the following conditions.

  • Only if, the student joins the company after fulfilling all the academic requirements of the program as per the DBGI Program Ordinances.
    Only if, the Campus drive (either ON or OFF Campus) for the company that is making a job offer to them was organized by DBGI.
  • When he/she is applying through personal efforts, it will be granted only if the placement secured is in an exceptional category ‘A’ company. (Note: category ‘A’ company is a company that offers a minimum package of Rs 3.5 lakhs per annum or is a Fortune 500 Company. The final call on whether a company is liable to fall under Category ‘A’ will be taken by the Training & Placement Department.)
  • No NOC will be issued in case the student is joining his/her family business or any other entrepreneurial venture.
  • A student has to formally apply for NOC in writing to the CRC Department. His / Her application will be forwarded with the recommendation of the Faculty In-charge Training & Placement along-with all the relevant documents, to the Dean/Head of the Department of the concerned Department. Based on the recommendations received, and prior approval of Chairman DBGI, the NOC will be issued by the CRC Head.

Placement Provision & Guidelines

In all the above drives, it is important for the students to note that no travel and lodging arrangement expenditures will be borne by DBGI and whenever asked by the company/DBGI, the student will have to travel on their own expense and cater to their own stay arrangements.

  • During the entire placement process student will exhibit good conduct and shall follow the instructions given by either the CRC Department or by the Organization.
  • A student appearing for the placement process shall be willing to relocate anywhere in India or even globally, depending upon the organization and its policy. Location is not a matter of choice and finalization of location of posting is the sole discretion of the Company.
  • Any communication regarding any placement offer must be channelized though the concerned officials of the CRC Department. Students should not directly correspond with the company, on matters pertaining to pre-placement offers, negotiating campus placement process, internship / placements of fellow classmates, etc.
  • It is mandatory for students to attend any classes/sessions on Personality development program, drafting/pleading and soft skills etc., being facilitated by DBGI from time to time, for improvement of performance during the interview/placement process.
    For all placements (under the three options listed above), the offer letters must come to CRC Department and then after due process at DBGI, it will be handed over to the students.
  • Each student is responsible to update his/her contact details, profile sheet, resume with the CRC Department. In case, the contact detail changes, in the interim, it is the responsibility of the students to update the same with the CRC Department.
  • Attendance benefit as per the attendance rules will be permitted only to those students who attend the entire proceeding of the Company and a formal list is submitted by the CRC Department to the respective Dean/HOD. In case the process for a particular student gets over early he/she should report back to the respective class and thus attend formal classes.
  • In case a student at any stage of the Placement process wishes to withdraw his / her name from the registration, he/she has to formally submit an application in writing stating the reason for the same.
    Dress Code & Discipline for Students during Placement Process

During the entire process of campus placement interviews (on campus/off campus) students are required to wear the prescribed DBGI uniform (with Blazer), as per the code of conduct of DBGI.

  • Students should carry the DBGI Identity Card.
  • Students should be well groomed.
  • Punctuality is a must and all students must be in time for all the Placement activities.

Upon grant of NOC, the student has to Stay in touch with their respective Mentor/Department Head/Dean to update himself/herself of the Academic activities dates such as Mid Term/End Term Examinations/Submission of the Projects /assignment dates/practical/viva etc. This is entirely the responsibility of the student and the DBGI shall not be held responsible for the same.

Report to the CRC Department about his / her performance on a monthly basis.

  • Submit a copy of his/her joining report and salary slips to the CRC Department until completion of the program.
  • DBGI holds the right to reject any NOC application if DBGI finds that joining the company is not in the academic interest and broader benefit of the student.
  • NOC issued would automatically stand cancelled if any of the above conditions are violated.
  • Each student (while applying for the NOC) would have to submit an affidavit on Rs. 10/- stamp paper (as per the format attached) duly notarized to confirm the acceptance of above guidelines.

Grounds for Disqualification

A student shall be disqualified on the following grounds, subject to the discretion of DBGI:

Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned guidelines.

  • No student shall bring in outside influence (including parents/relatives/well-wishers) at any stage/process of Internship or Placement. Doing so, will lead to being “debarred”, from the placement process, with immediate effect.
  • A student should not hold back any placement offer from any Organization (incase he/she gets it during Internship / through his/ her own efforts), with respect to final placement. In case, it is found at any stage, that the student has held back any information about any offer, including pre-placement offer, the student shall be liable to disciplinary action and will be immediately debarred from any further placement process.
  • In case any other company through On/ Off / In Company mode makes an offer to such a candidate (whose candidature falls under point iii) during the interim period, his/ her candidature will be liable to be cancelled and his/ her position may be offered to the candidate-in-waiting / On-Hold, if any.
    Upon being selected by an organization, through DBGI, the student should join the Organization, as per the terms & conditions, as stipulated in the offer and on such a date as conveyed to the student in writing by DBGI.
  • If a Student, after explicitly expressing his/her interest in internship or placement for a particular organization backs out from the said process at a later stage, the said student shall be debarred from the subsequent internship or placement process, with immediate effect.
  • Any complaint from the Recruiting Company on misbehavior or no show will automatically lead to debarment of the students from the placement process of DBGI.
  • Once a student sits for a campus drive (attends Pre Placement Talk / presentation) he/she will not be allowed to leave the process till offer is made or otherwise. A student found missing from such a placement process after giving his/ her name or attending the pre placement talk / presentation (i.e. before the completion of the selection process after having been selected in the initial stages of the process) she/he will get automatically debarred from any future placement activity.
    The CRC Department may debar any student, on case to case basis, even if the said student(s) does not fall in any of the aforesaid points.