12 Mar 2019

Planning to pursue Bachelors in Architecture

Ar. Sukhmani Sawhney of DBGI explains NATA to all test-takers

What is the objective of an entrance examination like NATA? What do you think the authorities of the examination try to judge through this paper?

The basic purpose for an examination like NATA is to simply test the students’ aptitude for the course of Architecture. It screens the students who are actually capable and are inclined towards this creative course.

What are three qualities you definitely need to crack the NATA examination?

  • The student should have the eye to visualize various scenarios and bring it on paper especially in the form of perspective drawings.
  • Developing basic logic and reasoning would help for the online exam.
  • Visual Aptitude, general information, knowledge of Architecture History and current affairs would be equally helpful.

The papers in NATA- what are they?

The complete NATA Exam Pattern is given below:

  • Mode: The exam will be conducted through online mode.
  • Sections: It comprises of two sections. Part A comprises of MCQ to be answered online and Part B is paper based drawing test.
  • Maximum Marks: Total of 200 marks questions will be asked in the exam. 120 marks of Part-A and 90 marks of Part-B.
  • Duration: The complete exam will be of 3 hours. 90 minutes for Part-A and 90 minutes for Part-B.
  • Language: All instructions will be given in English language only.
  • Marking Scheme: 2 marks will be allotted for each correct answer.
  • Negative Marking: No negative marking in the exam.

How must the test-taker distribute his/her time to prepare for the examination?

A regular practice of sketching is essential. Apart from that, the test-taker should be well aware of the current affairs and knowledge of basic mathematics. He/she can take up free online exams that could help him/her enhance his visual aptitude and reasoning. Study Guide for B.Arch, Arihant has proved to be a helpful book for the students planning to pursue Architecture.

Some interesting NATA questions please? (give 5 or 6 questions that came in NATA entrance exam last 3 years)

1) From a balcony of your fourth floor apartment you are looking at a small place of 50 worshippers surrounded by a garden. Depict the scenario on a busy sunny day. Use an appropriate pencil as a medium.

2) You have been provided with pieces of colored paper in the shape of red triangles, blue circles and yellow squares. Make a composition in the given space using a maximum of five pieces.

3) Draw a visually appealing composition using the five given shapes and color it using four colors. You can use any shape more than once. However, each shape has to be used at least once.

What kind of students should study Architecture? What is the kind of skill-set they should expect to learn from a course like B.Arch.?

A student who is inclined towards a creative field accompanied with technical knowledge would find Architecture an apt course. It gives respite from all the mainstream courses and introduces the students to varied fields of interest. From understanding the basics of designing to the knowledge of various construction materials and trending construction techniques, the student shall learn to build a better future for self as well as the world.

 What skill of painting one needs to crack the sketching paper in NATA?

The student needs to visualize and put on paper the perspective views of varied scenarios from daily life. Understanding of bird’s eye view and worm’s eye view would enhance the sketching skills of the student. Apart from that basic knowledge of color scheme and still life sketching would be equally helpful.

What are three things one must remember or keep in mind before taking NATA?

Architecture is a design-based field and anyone willing to take up a creative field is mentally prepared for this course.

A general inclination towards drawing and sketching would be highly recommended.

General Awareness of some acclaimed architects, their buildings and their philosophies would help them understand architecture better and would also make it easier to qualify online paper.

What would be your three critical advice to students taking NATA this April, 2019?

NATA is an easy examination to crack; all you need is some creative sketching skills, visual aptitude and basic knowledge of the field of architecture.

 What are three things about DBGI that is extremely exceptional in your opinion? The course you teach at DBGI, what are the few techniques you use to make your classroom delivery or sessions, interesting and engaging?

The students at DBSA get hands-on experience of construction techniques and updated knowledge of the current construction processes.

Value-added programs are incorporated in the course curriculum.

State of the art infrastructure.