Dr. A.K. Jaiswal

  • Director, Engineering


Date of Birth: 07 October 1946

Educational Qualification

  •  High School: UP Board, 1960 in First Div
  • Intermediate: UP Board, 1962 in First Div
  • BSc (PCM): Allahabad University, 1964 in First Div
  • MSc (Physics with electronics): Allahabad University, 1966 in First Div
  • Ph.D. (Physics): University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA, 1971

(Thesis: Studies in the Photoelectron Counting Statistics and Phase Space Formulation of Operators)

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: OptoElectronics and Infrared Imaging


 Attended the Executive Development Programme on ‘Management & Leadership’ conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore ( 2004)

Appointments held:

Most Recent:

Director (Engg,) at Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, Dehradun from 19.06.2009 to date

Previous: Director at Mahadevi Institute of Technology from 01.11.2006 to 30.09.2008


Instruments Research & Development Establishment (DRDO), Dehradun:






Scientist ‘G’

(18,400-500-22,400 )

IRDE, Dehra Dun 01.07.1998 31.10.2006


Scientist ‘F’

(16,400- 450-20,000)

– do – 01.07.92 30.06.98
Scientist ‘E’

(14,300-400-18300 )

– do – 01.07.87 30.06.92
Scientist ‘D’



-do – 01.07.83 30.06.87
Senior Scientific Officer Gde-I/II


– do – 10.12.71 30.06.83






Teaching Assistant


University of Rochester Sep.’66    Aug’70
Pool Officer of CSIR

(Regular teaching)

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 23.09.70 9.12.71
Research Scientist


Indian Photo Interpretation Institute, DehraDun 15.06.76 14.11.77


Held various key appointments in Defence Research & Development Organization and National Remote Sensing Agency. Experience includes Research, Design & Development, Project Management in the R&D environment, supervision of research at the Ph.D. level, teaching, management, and administration.


  •  A faculty member at IIT Delhi for 15 months. Engaged theory classes for M.Tech (Applied Optics) students
  • A faculty member of Indian Photo Interpretation Institute (now Indian Institute of Remote Sensing), Dehradun for 17 months wherein I introduced a new course on ‘Remote Sensing’ for Officer-Trainees of the Institute


  •  Research & Design of signal processing circuits of optoelectronic systems
  • Design of a gated video tracker for IR Camera
  • Design of Infrared Image Processing techniques for non-uniformity correction in staring focal plane arrays. Simulation studies using MATLAB
  • Design of Opto-electronic systems and subsystems


  • Responsible for Administration and Technical Management of IRDE from time to time as Officiating Director, being second in command since January 2002
  • Head Material Management Group at IRDE for a period of five years (2000-2004) and designated CFA for sanction of Demands for procurement of stores.
  • Admin Coordinator at IRDE  (2005-2006)
  • Chairman, Works Committee and Member, JCM-IV at IRDE. Chairman zonal DPC-II & DRTC Boards and Core Member RAC Board

Nominations & Awards

    • Session Chairman in number of National and International Conferences
    • Recipient  of DRDO Technology Award
  • Member ‘Core Group of Experts’, HQrs, Technical Group EME

  Monitoring and Coordination of R&D Projects at Other Institutions:

 Responsible for monitoring of numerous R&D projects under Aeronautics R&D Board, Dte of ER&IPR (DRDO) and DST running at various Centers like IITs, IISc Bangalore, CSIO Chandigarh etc as Chairman/Member of Review Committee.

DRDO Sponsored Visits Abroad 

Deputed to USA, UK, France, Holland, Republic of South Africa and Israel on numerous occasions on diverse assignments


 Supervised the Ph.D. thesis of  R.K. Bhogra awarded a degree by IIT, Delhi in 1975.

Papers Published

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