31 Aug 2020

Reasons to pursue BCA at DBGI

Reasons to pursue BCA at DBGI

Finally, after a lot of indecisiveness and contemplation because of COVID 19, the exam results of all the education boards in India are out. Fortunately, students are now free to plan their higher studies after school. As now various colleges have started their admission process in full-swing and the students have to choose the most suitable course among different streams and disciplines while selecting the colleges.

Choosing the right course and college can be a difficult task because let’s call a spade a spade, one wrong direction in this phase of your journey can cost you a lifetime of difficulties and discomfort both personally and professionally. If not exaggerating, this is the time in one’s life to take the first big and the most influential decision towards the ‘Adult life’.

This read will try to help the students select the best BCA College in Dehradun to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Application. There are certain factors that one must keep in mind while selecting the BCA College. These factors involve:

Reasons to pursue BCA at DBGI

College Affiliation – Neither the college nor its degree is credible until and unless it is not affiliated/approved or recognized by a reputed body. Therefore, the first and foremost step while checking any college is to check its affiliation. Make sure that the college you are choosing is affiliated to a reputed university.

Syllabus and Curriculum – The duration of the BCA course is three years. This course is generally divided into six semesters over the three years, during which the students are imparted vast knowledge regarding the Information and Technology sector. While selecting the college, you must cross-check its course curriculum with different colleges to ensure that you pick a program that is up to date and at par with global standards. Also, make sure to check that the course you select is not only covering the basics but also offers specializations so that you can find your calling and can work towards it.

Value-Added Modules and Additional Certifications – There are a plethora of job opportunities in this market, but still only a few can get what they actually desire. In order to carve a niche in this competitive market, you require advanced knowledge other than the traditional knowledge base provided through the degree. Therefore, make sure that the college is providing you with opportunities to gain additional experience. This can be analyzed by inspecting various value-added courses and certifications provided by the college. In the case of BCA, make sure that the institute is providing you with opportunities to attain the edge in C++, Java, Digital Marketing, Web Development, etc.

Quality of Faculty – A course or a specialization will be of no use until and unless you have a qualified, skilled, and dedicated teacher to teach and guide you. A good teacher plays a significant role in shaping the future of a student. Therefore, while selecting a college make sure to observe the quality of teachers it offers. In the long run, this will be the factor that will influence your professional tenure the most.

Infrastructure Offered – Another critical constituent that requires to be kept in mind while picking a BCA college is the infrastructure. The infrastructure of the college should be advanced and well-equipped with the most modern technology. The classrooms, computer labs, library, canteen, hostel, etc. make sure to take all these things into account before locking the college based on the infrastructural aspect.

College Placement – At the end of the day, what matters is whether you are getting the opportunities as per your caliber and competency after completing your degree or not. However, this factor comes at the end of the degree but that doesn’t mean that you will not look at it at the initial stage. Make sure to check the placement track record of the college. The corporate relations of the institute also speak volumes about the placement competency it possesses; therefore, make sure to ask about their corporate connections, company visit, and other related details.

Course Fee Structure – Analyze the course fee of the institute you want to join, compare it with the different institutes, and then select the one that you can afford and provides great value for money. To determine the worthiness of your investment, do a background check of the colleges, talk to ex-students for the real picture, and then decide accordingly.

These are a few fundamental factors which one must keep in mind while selecting a good BCA college. Analyze and rate the college on all the stated factors and make a wise choice.