1) Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited as per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Students found indulging in any kind of Ragging shall be out – rightly rusticated from Institution and legal action as prescribed may be initiated. Every student & parent has to give an Affidavit to this effect.

2) No student will be permitted to enter in the campus and or in the class room without prescribed Uniform along with ID card. The student befooling and or wearing other’s ID card will attract suspension.

3) Outside friends are not allowed in the campus. Any personal issue, enmity, mischievous affairs which may spoil the college ambience would result in Suspension/ expulsion from the Institution.

4) Students are expected not to indulge in any kind of fighting or quarrel within/ outside institution premises, or any other sort of unsocial, criminal and political activity, not confirming to his status as student and against the interest of the institute/organization.

5) Use of Mobile phones or any electronic gadget during lectures, workshops, seminars etc. is not allowed. Usage of above will lead to confiscation of gadgets and students can face strict disciplinary action.

6) Unauthorized hosting/uploading photos or comments or video related with institution on any social website or any other cyber crime shall attract rustication and lodging of FIR.

7) Consumption of Tobacco products, alcohol & drugs, within the Institute is strictly prohibited; Students found indulging are liable to face strict action and will be punished. There may even be rusticated without any further relief.

8) Students found (individual or in group) damaging the Institutes’s property shall be suspended/ rusticated individually or in group present on that particular class/ day.

9) Cases of Indiscipline shall be reported to the Head of the institution and / or to Discipline Committee (Proctorial Board) and in such cases the decision of Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding.

10) Any changes in contact number and/ or address should be informed immediately to the concerned Mentor/ HOD and Registrar office for updating. Return of posts/ information shall attract disciplinary action.

11) For Residential students: – See separate Rules and Regulation with indemnity.

12) Transportation: – Students must carry their bus passes while using College transport of DBIT. In case of unauthorized boarding in bus by the student, she/ he will be charged fee for the whole year and no exemption shall be entertained.

B) Fee Schedule

1) All students and parents are well aware and hence presumed to have agreed and be committed to pay fee well in advance and in full (for college, hostel/ bus) before the stipulated date i.e. 31st May of each year, and/ or as notified by the Institute.

2) In case of late payment, late fee will be imposed as appropriate & will be applicable and will be binding.

3) In case of relaxation, proper reason with documentary proof must be given and it should be addressed to Head of the institution. Head of the Institutions may give relaxation in time after examining the case on individual basis & no request after the expiry of the last date for submission of fee will be entertained.

C) Academic Rules

All the students are strictly advised to read and understand the rules and regulation of the Institute as well as time table and scheme of the University.

1. Attendance:
1.1) Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory both in theory and labs individually in each subject for appearing in internal and University semester (External) Examinations. Otherwise student will be entirely responsible if detained/ debarred from appearing the internal & external examinations.

1.2) Attendance will be taken within first five minutes of starting of the lecture. After this the teacher may or may not permit the late comers. Moreover, absence will be marked in that period.

1.3) Final year students should maintain 50% attendance. Please note that no relaxation is applicable.

1.4) The parents should ensure regular contacts with mentors’/ HODs’ for updates about their ward attendance/Performance and due fee Payable.

2. Examination:
Appearing in all internal examination is compulsory for all the students. For appearing in Internal Exams 75% attendance as well as clearance of all dues (fees) is mandatory. Students who have not appeared in all the internal examinations will not be eligible to appear in external (University) examinations.

3. Projects & Assignments:
3.1) Final year students must plan for their projects well in advance and do their project within the four walls of the respective department under the guidance of the teachers on the topics selected. No readymade projects from outside or copied topic from internet will be accepted.

3.2) Students must submit their assignments within the stipulated time, failing which appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against Him/ her.

4. Results:
After declaration of the University result, students with more than 2 back papers will be required to call their parents to meet the Director for taking necessary action. Any discrepancy noticed in mark sheets/results must be intimated to exam section by the concerned students within a week.

5. Information:All information related to academics and other activities in the institution will be notified/ displayed time to time in the notice board as well as in institution’s portal. Students are advised to keep track of updates regularly. No Internal information will be sent to each and every individual student separately. Ignorance of any information cannot be taken as an Excuse.

Impersonification, false, incomplete or non updated address and contact details shall be treated as violation of Institutional rules and regulations.