DBIT Dehradun
07 Jan 2020

Importance of Choosing the Right Undergraduate College – How to Pick the Best one from Dehradun, Uttarakhand?

What comes to your mind when you first hear the name Dehradun? Valleys? City of love? Drona Nagri? Perhaps, we are far from guessing the right term. Over the years, the capital city of Uttarakhand erstwhile called Uttaranchal, has changed the definition for itself. Today, students and academicians look up to Dehradun as an ‘education hub’, located in the picturesque valley. You can find some of the finest schools, colleges, and universities offering a variety of courses at different levels. Most of the colleges, including Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Graphic Era University, DIT University, and UPES, among others, offer various degree courses and have managed to earn an immense reputation for providing top-notch infrastructural facilities, maximum placements, and best faculties.

If you are one of those students who are trying to find the perfect college in this charming hill town – taking into consideration the quality of education, location, reputation, and faculty, then follow our guide below. We understand that once you find the right college, everything else will fall into place: the course of your choice, financial aid, chances of your application being accepted, and your career goals attached to it.

What to look for when choosing a college in Dehradun?

Finding your undergraduate college match amounts to one question: does this institute have what you’re looking for?

It is worth understanding that the years spent in an undergraduate college are determinants of the student’s future career path, ambitions, and interests. Hence, it is crucial for every student to look into the following parameters before choosing an undergraduate college in Dehradun –

Is it approved by a nationally acclaimed body?

An institute with a good accreditation and affiliation with an India ranking is a sign of good faculty support and great infrastructure. However, an  AICTE & State University or UGC recognized institute/university should be a mandate in your choice.

1.Course and Faculty

Undergraduate courses demand three years of your life. As important as it is to pick the right college, knowing what course to pick and the faculty delivering the subject is equally vital. Students often opt for a course and realize later that it does not meet the expectations as it should have. Therefore, ask yourself-

  • Does my faculty hold a Ph.D. degree?
  • Does my faculty have enough creditable and published research under his/her belt?
  • Does he/she have considerable academic/ industry experience?

2.Campus Culture

Whether you believe it or not, the atmosphere and culture of the institute influence your overall experience and understanding of the real world. For instance, a lot of national level sports’ winners, and students passionate about extra curricular activities apply to Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions (DBGI) for its reputation in attracting profile based students for diverse peer learning experience. The time that is not spent in the classroom is invested in doing things in and around the campus. The right culture will help you pick practical skills, learn life lessons, and make friends from your own or other departments.

3.Extracurricular Activities

You may or may not be inclined towards participating in extracurricular activities, but they do play an important role in an individual’s personal growth. Check if the college you are planning to join has activity clubs of your area of interest. While this should not be an excuse to reject a college, but the presence of ECAs should add to a college’s credit.

4.Relevance of the Institute in the industry context- i.e. placements

With students spending money, time and effort bagging UG degrees, it becomes absolutely essential to understand where that degree would take them. While fixing on the college to pursue your under graduation, do check for the Career Support team and their efficiency, track record and placement highlights.

Factors to keep in mind:

  • Highest CTC of last graduating class
  • Alumni success stories and strength
  • Name of prominent recruiters in your relevant industry
  • Pre-placement and grooming initiatives and finally
  • Average placement CTC offered for last 3-4 years by the college

5.Assessment Cycle and Method of Evaluation

Before applying for admission into a college in Dehradun, check with the existing students or alumni the assessment patterns applied for the course you want to pursue and see if the examinations are held on time; or there are irregularities in the same.

Why is choosing the right undergraduate college a crucial step?

Let’s face it – undergraduate courses at most colleges are expensive, and hence, it is important for students as well as their parents to see a decent return on investment. For many students, earning an undergraduate degree is more important than the source from where it is coming. The answer, to an extent, depends on individual goals, career aspirations, lifestyle choices, and financial capacity.

But let’s look at some of the obvious reasons why choosing the right undergraduate college in Dehradun is important –

  1. The right college can prepare you for a specific job
  2. Many organizations require applicants from only renowned colleges
  3. Top-ranking colleges offer a higher scope of better earnings
  4. Access to building a professional network
  5. Undergraduate college forms a foundation for higher career goals
  6. Better the college, higher the personal growth

In the end, no matter what college you choose to go to, make sure it is a space you’d be happy to be in!