17 Jun 2019

When in DBGI do as DBGIans does to make the best of it

Bamboo Canteen: Life’s good, and delicious food can make it better. The bamboo Canteen at DBGI has a taste one cannot resist. Masala Maggi, omlettes, sandwiches and out-of-the-world tea make life a soothing one after wrecking classroom sessions. Come eat, enjoy and make memories. The view and its surrounding areas offer just about the right weather and sceneries to enjoy a perfectly good meal.

Cafeteria : The perfect go-to place between classes, the Cafeteria is a comfortable nest-away for you and your friends with hygienic home-like food. You can study make plans with friends, chill or jam, over healthy meals.

Kala Mandir Dance, music and drama, excite you? Kala Mandir’s doors are open to all passionate artists who love their art and look forward to express their talents in the right place. Kala Mandir has all the necessary equipments and music consoles to help you unwind after a hectic day at college

DBGI College Building

College Ground: The DBGI Sports Ground is never empty. Be it early in the morning, during the afternoon or late in the evening, the ground is always thronged with students playing round the clock. Along with academics here the students are also given a chance to excel in sports. It is a place where some win, and some learn but never does a person lose.

The BAMS Garden: Sometimes the rooms and their four walls can be suffocating, the BAMS Garden is a perfect place for the students to relax and endure the beauty of nature. You can sit there very peacefully or can even study without any disturbance or distractions. Surrounded by hills and with blue sky, the 42 acres of lush green campus gives you the view to die for.