About Corporate Resource Cell

The Training and Placement Cell known as The CRC (Corporate Resource Centre) at DBGI, Dehradun plays a vital role in training and placements of students of all disciplines in the institution. With the recent increase in the competition for employment, placement has become a challenging task. A fully equipped and empowered placement cell had been established in our college in the year 2010 since the first batch came to the anvil of starting its professional career.

Improve the work-life balance of the upcoming generations by rightly placing Human resources, with parity to their interests and skill and happier & content professionals.

Creating an employable workforce from professional education aspirants through enhancement of attitude, dedication and perseverance to become a responsible Social and successful citizens.

Vision & Mission

  • Creating an awareness in the students about the Corporate Work environment and culture through Industrial Visits.
  • Making the students understand the technological advancements, work-processes along-with basic skill utilization through regular/consistent Guest Lectures by Corporate/Industry and Academic Experts.
  • Aligning Corporate’ experienced/seasoned trainers to conduct Workshops and Seminars to present a simulation of the Industrial work and work-style with hands-on learning for Students.
  • Arranging Training (under the Summer Internship Program) for students.
  • Inviting relevant, renowned Private, Public organizations for Campus recruitment.
  • Personal training and career planning to fulfill various needs required in the respective field today. For placement, a large number of prospective employers are being contacted and efforts are made to invite those firms to visit our faculty and to conduct campus requirements.
  • The objective of the Training & Placement Cell is to look for a 100% employment (though very ambitious, yet not unfathomable).
Facilities for the Guest Corporate Recruitment Teams and the Students (Internal & Other Colleges)
  •  Separate cell established with an equipped and capable team of full time experienced members for placement.
  • Organize/Conduct training sessions on skill development through internal and external resources.
  • The CRC makes sure that the Recruitment Teams of all the visiting Corporate are provided best arrangements & hospitality at the time of Placement Events.
  •  The Training & Placement Cell would provide for and ensure all audio-visual facilities, for PowerPoint Presentations/Pre-Placement Talks, Written test, Group discussion and interviews.
  •  The CRC plays a pivotal role to guide the aspiring students to achieve a successful Job/career through regular interface between the stage of Academic program completion and a students’ entry to apt employment.
  • This cell shall also coordinate various activities related to the career development of the students along with the internships.

Training and Placement Activities

The role of the CRC includes the Placement of students and also includes:
  • Organizing Guest Lecture
  • Mock-Interviews,
  • Group Discussions & Online Tests, etc
  • Personality development
  • Interpersonal & communication skills
  • Career Planning

For Any Query :
Phone No : 0135-2694241
E-Mail ID :head.tnp@dbgidoon.ac.in

Summer Training/ Internship Program

Each student is expected to undertake summer training in companies of repute for the duration of 6-8 weeks, as part of course curriculum. Students are required to work on projects given to them either by the organization or selected by students themselves. Post completion of the Projects or the Internships, the students are supposed to prepare a Report. This report preparation itself is a full-fledged learning exercise in application of theoretical concepts into practical situations. The Final Placement is an important activity for the Institution and all the processes are aligned in its accordance. Keeping in mind the existing and expected job opportunities, we plan to provide placement services to our students. For effective placements, we establish close ties with the companies, which are in the process of providing jobs to our students. The CRC keeps itself in continuous touch with the Corporate World and especially the recruiter organizations for this. They provide opportunities to the recruiters and the aspiring students for responsible and apt interaction through the Pre-Placement Talk (popularly known as the PPT). The presentation by the company regarding the history, potential, future opportunities, and jobs available (content, compensation package, location, etc.) PPT also provides a company with the opportunity to recruit the students for summer training and internships. This sets the expectations right for both. FINAL PLACEMENT is when the Campus recruitment drives will be undertaken by inviting companies, Relevant Organizations to place the students of the Institution.

General Overview

The Training & Placement Cell is committed to providing all possible assistance to the students of all the study programs in their efforts to find employment and internships. The CRC delivers to its duties with commitment through a full time Professor In-Charge. The department operates all year round to provide contacts between students and various Companies; the CRC Team is always available deal with queries and doubts related to recruitment process, guidance in preparation of Resume and handling Interviews. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search. The CRC Team keeps itself updated with the Placement Statistics, envisioned view of future and market/career trends. No stone is left unturned to create opportunities and possibilities for the students to get placements. We hope to reach maximum placements level in the years to come.