05 Jun 2020

Online Guest Lecture CEMENT- AN IMPORTANT CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL” By UltraTech by Department of Architecture & Design


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Event category WEBINAR
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 The focal point of this live webinar is understanding the basics of cement. Cement is an extremely important construction material. It is use in the production of the many structures that make up the modern world including buildings, bridges, harbors, runways and roads & is an imperative topic. Essentially this will serve as a platform to get expert guidance on the cutting-edge industry information.
AIM of the Events 


1- To let them aware about the technology used in manufacturing of cement and the use of cement .

2- To let them know how to enhance their designs by knowing the different types of cement available.

3- To let them know the basic principles of cement.

4- Student will be able to identify the quality of material they using in buildings.

5- To let them understand the importance of material they are going to use in building construction.

Content of the Event WEBINAR
Highlights of Events
  • Introduction of the company
  • Impotence of the material used in construction
  • Procedure explanation
  • Interaction with the student
  • Question answer part
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NAME Er. Sanjay Singh Sisodiya
E-Mail ID
Designation & Experience Regional head
Organization UltraTech
Department Name ( Full Name) Dev Bhoomi School of Architecture
Course Name (Participants): B.ARCH
Date Time & Venue of Events: 5TH  JUNE 2020  Time :-3:00-5:00
Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members Ar. Shahrukh shah


Contact Person Ar. Shahrukh shah


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