30 Jun 2021

#OOTD- Outfit of the Day – By Department of Fashion Designing


National OOTD Day and Social Media Day is celebrated on the 30th of June every year. National OOTD Day encourages everyone to recognize their own self-worth and confidence by making sure that they look their very best and Social Media Day promotes communication and sharing.

Part of the day is about developing your own personal style. Celebrate this day by picking an outfit that accentuates your favorite parts of your body. Add colors, accessories, textures, and styles to the outfit. Then take a picture of yourself in your outfit and share it on social media.

Online Contest

The Covid 19 pandemic has upset all the normal plans of fashion shows and events and changed the way we socialize with people.

So OOTD is an online contest giving fashion admirers an opportunity to express their selves and document their personal style.

You could Participate in any of the following ways:

#OOTD Post:

  • Dress up in a nice outfit and put a bit of effort into styling yourself.
  • Pose flaunting your outfit/accessory/makeup
  • Click your picture.
  • Add a caption
  • Post it on Instagram with “#OOTD”.
  • Take a screenshot and mail it to events@dbgidoon.ac.in.

#OOTD Reels:

  • Dress up in a nice outfit and put a bit of effort into styling yourself.
  • Create an Instagram-style fashion video (flaunt your outfit/accessory, a makeup tutorial, fashion vlog, etc.)
  • Duration of the video (15 seconds to 3 minutes)
  • Mail your video to events@dbgidoon.ac.in.

#OOTD Blogs:

  • Write an article on any fashion-related topic. (File format: Docx, pdf)
  • Mail it to events@dbgidoon.ac.in.

This event is open for all.

Last date of submission:25th June’2021

  • The event will be judged by Design Professionals and the Head of the Fashion Design Department.
  • The candidates will be invited to be part of an online OOTD event about beauty, creativity, and fashion on the 30th of January’2021
  • The photograph of winners will be published on social media.
  • The winners will receive a soft copy of the appreciation certificate via mail
  • All shortlisted candidates will also receive a soft copy of the participation certificate via mail.

The event will be covered by the media.

  • Department Name ( Full Name)-  Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Course Name (Participants): Open to all
  • Date Time & Venue of Events: 30th June’2021, 11:00 A.M. onwards
  • Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members – Ms. Deepa Arya, Ms. Bushra Noor (Event Coordinator), & Mrs. Rakhi Virmani
  • Contact Person Ms. Deepa Arya


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